6 Places To Visit in Sharjah, UAE 2024

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Sharjah is a city of culture. This tourist destination is home to some of the most well-known tourist attractions that draw visitors from all over the globe. A few of the most famous spots in Sharjah have some story behind them and will leave you amazed. This should be on everyone’s wish list of destinations to go.

Top Best Places To Visit In UAE

Sharjah Art Museum

One of the largest museums in the UAE One of the biggest museums in UAE, the Sharjah arts museum can be among the places to visit in Sharjah for those who love exploring Arab tradition and culture through its impressive art. The museum aims to present artistic expressions from and from the Arab world. The artists of the 18th century were influenced by the culture, architecture, environment, and architecture of the Middle East region, which can be seen in their art. The museum has a variety of artifacts, including impressive paintings by the ruler of Sharjah. He was HH Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi. In addition, the Ali Darwish Gallery has several works by Sharjah.
The HTML0 is famous as Art of The Arab World
What to expect: Explore the exhibits
Time: 8 AM – 8 PM

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

The museum is located along the waterfront in a magnificent souq, Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, which enables visitors to explore Arab and Islamic cultures. Visitors can learn about religion and artifacts, textiles, and more by visiting the exhibits. On the ground floor, the galleries show different aspects of the Islamic faith, from their accomplishments in mathematics and astronomy to their customs and significance to the Hajj. The second floor is home to 1400 years of art and other artifacts from Islamic culture. It contains ceramics, woodwork glass, clay ceramics, jewelry, textiles, and handicrafts made of brass, silver, and gold inlay work. The most notable features of the museum are the silver dinars and dirhams from the Abbas Aid and Omayyad times and the Zodiac mosaic.

It is famous for its Collection of silver dinars and dirhams dating from Abbas Aid and Omayyad times and the Zodiac mosaic
Activities to take part in: Learn about the art and the artifacts of Islamic culture
Timings: 10 am-6 pm

Sharjah Science Museum

The museum was established in UAE. Sharjah Science Museum has the goal of Sharjah Science in educating and generating excitement among children and those who are of all ages interested in science. Engaging and interactive methods of sessions and exhibits that help visitors discover the world of science, space, and many other areas are employed throughout the Museum. Tourists can create their own comics and puzzles that focus on the body and examine the flexibility and strength that the human body can offer. The museum also has an area for children’s play created to give them a better knowledge of what is happening in the universe. Space and the universe are explored in the planetarium on-site at the museum.
It is famous for Its science
What to Do: Interactive workshops, explore galaxies in the planetarium
Timings are: 8 AM – 8 PM

Sharjah’s Central Market

The iconic landmark of Sharjah is well-known for its stunning blue tile work, which is why it has the name- the blue market/souq. Its Central Market is one of the most popular places in Sharjah. It has more than 600 shops and is an excellent spot for tourists. It is also home to the Arabian Bazaar, a traditional structure where visitors enjoy the market’s charm. It is among the best and most beautiful places to visit in Dubai. Visitors can buy various products, from electronics to jewelry, clothes, and more.
It is famous as Blue Title Work
What to Do: Shop for jewelry, electronic gadgets, and clothing
Time: 10 am- 10 pm

Sharjah Archaeology Museum

The Museum of Archaeology has many of the most stunning artifacts and excavations that date all the way to the Age of Stone. The museum has a huge pottery collection, jewelry, and other ancient objects. Anyone who wants to learn all the details must visit this popular spot in Sharjah. Visitors will learn about ancient civilizations that grew up in the region and models that take visitors to graves, tombs, and homes. There’s plenty to discover about the early kinds of writing, which are approximately 250 years old.
Popular as: Archaeological findings
Activities to take part in: Learn about the old civilizations
Time: 10 am- 8 pm

Al Noor Mosque

Al Noor Mosque, one of the most beautiful mosques and one of the most popular places to visit in Sharjah for free, is situated in the Buhaira Cornice in Sharjah. It was one of the first mosques accessible to non-Muslim tourists. Muslim tourists from all over the globe. It was constructed for the first time by Sultan Bin Muhammad Al- Qasimi, who was the leader of Sharjah. It can accommodate more than 2,200 people in prayers. The word Noor signifies Light meaning light in Arabic, and is completely true to its significance. It is a landmark in its Khalid Lagoon on Buhaira Corniche. The mosque has set the Guinness World Record as the largest wooden charity box for the Ramadan donations campaign.
Famous for: Turkish Ottoman design
Activities to take in: Admire the famous butterfly garden as well as contemporary art installations
Timings Open 24 hours


So if you plan to visit Dubai, I have listed beautiful places in Sharjah. I hope you will enjoy your holidays.  The above-mentioned spots in Sharjah are some of the most interesting and unique in the city, making them must-sees for anyone with a penchant for exploring new places. Tourists from all over the world can have an out-of-this-world experience at any of Sharjah’s top attractions.