6 Must-Watch Tamil Movies You Need to Check Out in 2024

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Tamil movies industry is one of the most growing industries in recent times. A large number of movies are released every year that people just love to watch. You can watch Tamil movies either on various streaming sites like Netflix, tamil movies da, etc.

It is not so easy to choose from a huge number of Tamil films on every streaming platform and that is why we took it on ourselves to choose the best movies to watch in 2024 just for you. All of these movies are loved by fans not only in India but in other major countries of the world as well.

Here are some of the best Tamil movies that you need to check out right now

  • Mehndi Circus

This rom-com, drama film is about two people who belong to entirely different worlds. One is a circus performer while the other runs a cassette store. They both fall in love and now they have to make it work despite their differences.

This film has a great cast, amazing direction, and the music is also relevant and upbeat. This film is sure to lift your gloomy mood and make you instantly happy.

  • Puriyatha Puthir

This film is about love, friendship, and revenge. The story is about a girl who embarks on a journey to take revenge for her friend’s death at the hands of a guy. The film has suspense, action, and amazing acting by Vijay Sethupathi, Gayathri, and Mahima and the rest of the cast makes this film worth your time.

  • Taramani

This movie comes with a great plot and amazing direction. Two strangers become friends one fateful evening. One is a corporate class working single mother while the other is a heartbroken and betrayed young man.       

Watch as these two people overcome their differences and make peace with their past while working for a better future. The film is really a whole package from acting to direction, and from writing to dialogues delivery.

  • Metro

This film is about gang violence and its effects on society and the lives of a normal Indian family. A young boy who is a college student gets mixed up with a gang and his elder brother and friend decide to take down the gang.

The film has both great action and an emotional weight which keeps you hooked till the very last minute. Metro has some pretty amazing dialogues and interactions between the characters which makes it worth your time.

  • Power Paandi

This great Tamil film is about a man who after arguing with his adult son embarks on a journey to look for the long-lost love of his life. The film stars some legendary actors from the Tamil industry including Rajkiran and Revathi helming and has a guest appearance from Dhanush.

The storyline of the films is quite interesting and the direction and acting combined give you the most amazing experience ever. We are certain you will love the film from the beginning till the end if you gave it a try.

  • Vettai

The film stars the amazing Madhavan and Arya in the leading roles where the chemistry between the two is just so fun to watch. It is about a reserved young man who joins the police after the death of his father. He and his reckless but brave little brother take on a mission to destroy a band of criminals in their area.

The film is really great in terms of action, acting, and direction. You can really see the work they have put in to make the movie this good. Both the cinematography and the commitment to the roles by the entire cast make this Tamil movie a must-watch.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the best Tamil films that you need to check out in 2024. Most of these films have received great reviews from audiences and critics alike. These movies are available on torrent platforms such as fit girl repack, 1337x as well. 

We really hope this list of Tamil films gives you exactly what you were looking for and that you soon find a film that is worth your time.