5 Residential Landscaping Trends To Try At Home!

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Residential landscaping may completely transform the appearance of your home, making it appear cozy and quirky or more regal and sophisticated. The correct Landscape Design Cambridge MA can improve your home’s security by boosting its curb appeal while deterring attackers from entering the property.

Landscapers Near Me Newton MA offers the elements that suggest the wildness of nature, as well as exquisite aspects that dress up a suburban home, which are among today’s top residential landscape design ideas. Landscape elements that serve as privacy and security fences, as well as those that are sustainable and environmentally friendly, are also popular.


Living Walls

Living walls vary from bush walls in that they are constructed of vines that grow along wires or fence material. These materials are usually tied to some kind of overhead canopy or fixture so that the vines may grow higher and construct required walls around dining places.

Ivy is a traditional choice for a living wall, but grape leaves and morning glories can also be used to create a thick and lush vine that gives plenty of seclusions.


Sustainability and Eco-friendly Options

Homeowners may not consider how landscaping elements affect the environment, but a few changes to their property’s general residential Landscape Design Cambridge MA can result in a very eco-friendly yard that benefits the environment. Consider the following suggestions for things to do outside the house:

Choose flowers that will attract bees and other pollinators, as these insects are essential to the health of all flowers and flora. Roses, crocuses, black-eyed Susans, and zinnias are all suitable options.

Rainwater collecting irrigation systems save you money on water by reducing the quantity of freshwater you need to irrigate your lawn and landscape. Underground PVC pipes that start at the end of your home’s downspouts and snake around the grass and landscaping features may gather dew from the roof and funnel it down the gutters, keeping your lawn and landscaping healthy and irrigated.

A composting bin or pit may provide you with the room you need to make natural fertilizer and plant food without the use of harsh chemicals.

Instead of using fresh wood chips for mulch, use recycled resources. Eco-friendly alternatives include shredded newspaper, recycled wood, and composted leaves and twigs.



Landscaping does not have to be difficult, and gardening does not have to be challenging to be enjoyable. Landscaping styles that are simple, practical, and easy are now popular. Nature is naturally lovely, and your yard is a fabrication of the imagination. There’s no shame in opting for a low-maintenance style that requires minimal work.


Smart Home Tech

The integration of smart home technology into landscaping is also part of the trend of bringing the inside-outside. It covers anything from practical elements like smart irrigation controls to entertaining features like smart speakers and lighting sensors.


Gardening Vertically

A vertical garden isn’t the greatest choice for homeowners who want to keep their grass to a minimum, but it is ideal for those who need landscaping and gardening solutions in a tiny space.

Indoor and outdoor vertical gardens are available, with anything from high-end growth equipment to do-it-yourself choices. Make a plan for the structure and plants before you start a vertical garden, as it might be difficult to change these things after the growth begins.