5 Funny Things To Do In Dubai

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Traveling is an art, and only a true traveller is the artist. Even though this might sound like an exaggeration, it is true.


If you love to travel, it means that you are an explorer. You like exploring places, and you want to enjoy the unknown. The places that you visit while you are traveling will somehow manage to inspire you and carry on with your otherwise monotonous routine.


With the onset of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus in the year 2020, the hearts of many travellers broke into pieces. That is because they could not travel anymore for a very long time. The world shut its door to the people as all the countries around the world went under strict lockdown. Some for six months, while others for more than a year.


Now, as the positive cases of the covid-19 infections are slowly coming under control, many people have started to pack their bags again. They cannot wait to travel and explore new places and cultures.


If you are thinking about visiting a place that is a bit unusual and has a lot of things to offer to the tourists, start with Dubai.


Located on the coast of the Persian Gulf in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is mostly known for the luxurious and the not so luxurious shopping centres and the very ultramodern architecture of the city.

Fun Things To Do In Dubai

If you have already made a list of the places to visit in Dubai but are not quite sure about what are the fun things to do in the city, we have got you covered.


Here are the five funny things to do when you are visiting Dubai:

  1. Explore The Burj Khalifa

This is probably the first thing that you have on your bucket list, as it should be. It deserves the highest spot.


Since its inauguration in the year 2010, it has been the tallest building in the world, with a height of 828m. This is one of the reasons why it has become one of the representative monuments or buildings of Dubai to the world.


But that is not the only thing that the towering building has to offer to the people of the world.

If you want to enjoy Dubai, you need to explore Burj Khalifa.


There are observation decks on the 124th and 125th floors. There is also an outdoor terrace that is located on the 148th floor.


From these three places, you can catch a mesmerizing view of the city. Try walking on the glass floors of this iconic building. You will be able to catch an unforgettable view and have an immensely nerve-wracking experience.

  1. Hot Air Balloon

You may think that there is nothing special about the hot air balloon ride in Dubai. Is there anything new that the city has to offer through the Hot Air Balloon Rides? Yes, there is.


The view.


What will you see? You get a magnificent view of the Dubai desert while you gently float over it. The rides start from sunrise and go on till sunset. So, get a glimpse of the beautiful hues of the sky.


You will be able to see the desert camels and gazelles that roam in the desert. You will also witness the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve from above as well which is home to several endangered animals.


The best part? If you choose to take a ride early in the morning to witness the sunrise, you will be able to enjoy a gourmet breakfast after you land. And that too in a Bedouin camp.

  1. The IMG World of Adventures

This is one of the largest indoor theme parks in the world. Let’s start there.


With the tallest and most thrilling rides in the world, the IMG World of Adventures has more than 20 thousand visitors every day.


The park has as many as four Epic Zones that consist of rides around popular Cartoon Network characters and MARVEL hero characters.


You may choose to stay at themed haunted hotels and enjoy the inflatable playground area with your kids.


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  1. Desert Safari

If you are looking for something extremely nerve-wracking and adventurous, you may choose to go bash the dunes of the desert of Dubai. You can book a car and let your driver ride up and down the sand dunes at very high speed.


You can also give yourself a break with a slow-paced camel ride and sports like sandboarding.


The best way to end the day is by enjoying dinner at the desert camps. The most popular among them is the Al Khayma desert camp. It is one of the best ways to destress yourself.


Eat the delicious barbeque, and enjoy the warm hosting of the local Bedouins.

You may choose to get yourself a henna tattoo and shisha. And not to mention, the belly dancing shows will keep you entertained throughout.

  1. Dinner In The Sky

If you want to have an unforgettable experience, then Dubai has something to offer you. Have you heard the phrase “Dinner in the Sky?”


It is one of the unique dining experiences in the world. It is an essential that needs to be a part of your bucket list.


This dining experience is hosted at almost 50m above in the sky with a breath taking and awe-inspiring view of the Marina. The dining activity can host 22 diners at a time.


From afternoon tea to lunch and dinner (whichever you choose), you can have it all here.


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Final Words

Dubai can easily be called the land of adventures. It is the perfect mix for everyone as it offers the traditional, the modern, and the ultramodern all together. If you have already been to the city, then you know the numerous fun things that one can do in Dubai.


Skydiving, desert safari, water rides at adventure parks, Indoor skiing, dinner in the sky, the list just goes on. Luxury is not the only thing that Dubai stands for. There are many other thrilling things that you may have fun doing. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and visit Dubai.