5 Forklift Moving Issues you can avoid

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Forklifts are widely used in a lot of industries. In some industries, various operations rely on them which makes them an inevitable component of many industries. Mainly forklifts are used to make transportation easier and quicker. They are popular for their ability to make operations efficient, convenient, and quick. For example, in a warehouse and construction business, forklifts allow workers to transport heavy goods with ease. Manual transportation of these items is riskier as well. Forklifts reduce the human resource required to perform a task because, with the help of a forklift, one single worker can handle those tasks which otherwise require a team. Without forklifts, moving heavy machinery is not only difficult but requires a lot of energy consumes a lot of time, and requires more funds.

However, just like all other phenomena, even forklifts have a negative side to them. There are a few limitations of using forklifts. Since forklifts operate on heavy loads and are used to perform challenging tasks, they are more prone to wear and tear as compared to other machines. Hence, they have to be maintained on a more regular basis otherwise a minor maintenance issue can aggravate leading to project delays. Negligence in the maintenance of forklifts can cause serious damages to the surroundings and become a safety concern for people working in that area. In this article, we have discussed 5 common forklift moving problems which can be avoided completely with small steps of caution.

1. Lifting or Mast Problems

If a forklift’s lifting mechanism, commonly known as a mast, cannot function properly, there is no point in carrying out work with a malfunctioned forklift. Lifting or mast issues can be because of hydraulic issues, greasing issues, or clogged hinges. Before you start on any project, it is important to make sure that the mast functions properly. If there are any leaky cylinders, get them replaced. Other than this, you might want to check the oil filter and oil seals to be sure that it is completely functional.

Forklift backup alarms are designed to reduce potential accidents in a warehouse or other worksite requiring transportation of goods. Sometimes people walk into a blind spot, and the forklift operator cannot warn them. A backup alarm sounds off as the forklift is reversing. It notifies people that the forklift operators cannot move before a collision happens. Pairing this with horns and good driving can increase safety.

2. Issues with Steering

For efficient functioning, the steering must be in a completely perfect state. Problematic steering does not only makes the whole functioning of the forklift difficult and challenging but also becomes a hazard for people working in that surrounding. Steering might not perform optimally due to various reasons. It can be because of insufficient steering fluid transmission which prevents the steering wheel from responding to directional changes efficiently and promptly.

To keep the steering in a functional state, make sure you maintain the fluid or get it checked by a professional.

3. Engine Overheating

Engine overheating can cause grave damages which might cause project delays. The reason behind this is either a broken radiator or any blockage in the radiator because of the accumulation of dust particles inside the radiator. The dust accumulation forms a layer that blocks the ports resulting in engine overheating. To keep it from overheating, we recommend regular cleaning of the radiator.

If you decide to get the regulator cleaned, there are chances of fins getting damaged during the service; hence you need to be careful with cleaning services. Another reason for radiator blockage is an accumulation of rust inside which prevents the circulation of water or coolant in the system. If you feel that the engine of the forklift is overheating, then you must check the thermostat. If it looks alright, there must be some issue with the radiator which should be repaired or replaced.

4. Old Tires and worn-out suspension

Although a forklift is not required to cover as much distance as normal vehicles do. However, a forklift lifts heavy loads which can deteriorate the quality of tires and suspension. Since a forklift lifts huge loads on a daily basis, the accessories can wear out more quickly as compared to the accessories of other vehicles. It is important to replace the tires and suspension if they have aged lest they become a safety hazard.

5. Ignition Problem

There can be two reasons if the forklift does not start smoothly; either there is insufficient fuel or an electric plug has sparked. The prior issue can be taken care of with simple refueling, whereas for the latter you need to check the battery to make sure it is connected properly, and also check the terminals to make sure there is no layer of rust preventing the current to flow through it. A battery function test will help you decide whether the battery should be replaced or repaired by a professional.

Final Words:

Forklifts provide a lot of ease and convenience in all industries. However, there are a few common mistakes that we can make while dealing with a forklift. However, these are avoidable.

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