4 Reasons to Choose Hidden Frame Glass Doors

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By James Smith

Hidden frame glass doors have become popular due to their customization options and aesthetic appeal. These doors help homeowners merge their homes’ interiors with the outside world, making their space feel more open. Frameless glass doors can come with multiple panels, which makes them a great choice for large door openings. Here are four more reasons to choose hidden frame glass doors for your home:

1. Customizable

Frameless doors are designed using custom glass that can be styled and sized to match your needs. You can customize glass doors by installing handles that match the hardware throughout the rest of your home. The door handles can be on the exterior or interior or hidden within the frame. Handles for glass doors are usually made of stainless steel or brass. With these materials, you can select shades from warm or cool palettes. Common glass door handle colors include anthracite, black, and white tones. You can also choose to motorize your doors to open automatically with the use of a remote control.

You can select a unique glass color or tint that matches your project and privacy needs. The most common color options include clear, bronze, grey, and blue. You can also select the glass opacity level that matches your preference. Common glass opacities include opaque laminated, smoked, clear, frosted, black, and deluxe white. If you want more privacy while allowing natural light into your home, you can choose translucent glass, textured glass, colored glass, or glass bricks.

2. Modern Designs

Glass doors are popular as they can give a home a sleek, minimalistic, and modern appearance. They are available in different styles, the most popular being hinged and sliding glass doors. Hinged glass doors can come with traditional or pivot hinges that allow the door to swing inwards, outwards, or both. This style of glass door is ideal for narrow entryways. Sliding glass doors have panels that slide across each other when closing and opening. This design works well in expansive entryways but can also work for smaller doorways, as the panels can be tucked away to make a larger opening and save space.

3. Energy Efficient

Frameless glass doors must be thermally broken to create effective, insulated glass. Thermally broken glass includes an extra layer between the indoors and outdoors to prevent heat transfer between the two spaces. Energy-efficient glass doors can be triple, double, or single-paned, depending on your insulation needs. Glass door systems with ultra-slim profiles are ideal for thermal performance without compromising on minimalistic and sleek designs. Low emissivity glass uses a transparent coating that helps improve thermal efficiency without altering the look of the glass. This coating helps reflect heat into the room instead of allowing it to escape to the exterior of the home.

Glass doors also allow natural light to enter your house. This is an energy-efficient way to maintain brightness in your home without using electricity. Installing frameless glass doors in kitchens and living rooms can make the spaces feel more open and airy. Placing a frameless shower door in the bathroom allows light to flow easily throughout the room, giving it an open feel.

4. Security

Hidden frame doors are designed with solid frames that add an extra layer of security to your home. These doors can have keyed locks or bottom, top, or both locking mechanisms to improve security. Many hidden frame glass doors are designed using tempered safety glass, which helps to reduce the likelihood of broken glass and any resulting injuries. Laminated glass is another common safety glass option with multiple layers of glass that help keep the panel intact even after it has been damaged or shattered.

Install Hidden Frame Glass Doors Today

A new glass door can improve your home’s functionality and aesthetic appearance. Hidden frame glass doors can open up your interior space and give it a modern, minimalistic look. When choosing a door type, consider your color preferences, decor style, home design, and security needs to make an informed decision. Choose a glass door that is thermally broken and made with energy-efficient materials to keep your home comfortable and save on energy costs. Hire a team of glass door specialists today to assist you in selecting and installing the right glass door for your space.