3 Trending Anonymous Bitcoin Wallets

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Several guides all over the internet claim to teach you how to make bitcoin transactions anonymous, but rare are the ones that truly provide anonymity.

If you’re out here, searching for the answer. Yes! You landed up at the right place.

Let’s take an instance, for better understanding, the anonymous bitcoin wallet that we know of, are integrated with CoinJoin, but rare people know, that experts do not suggest it for real private routine use.

Most experts would rely on the fact that Dark web wallets are the best when it comes to keeping an individual’s identity and transactions safe and private.

Dark Web Wallets: 

  • Provide numerous sites on which one can easily sign up for a wallet.
  • They have integrated mixers, which makes it easier than the usual mixers.

This itself is a good enough reason to use this integrated mixer, as most of the ordinary are linked with some .com domain, which makes it a cakewalk for someone or the hacker for that matter, to trace you and then in the nick of time, you’re exposed to the world. Your identity is public, and now your bitcoin address is an easy target for hackers to hack.

Here are a few trending anonymous wallets with the best features, for you to figure out which one would you like to use.

Please know that to browse the sites you will be requiring Tor browser from is torproject.org

  1. Dark Mixer Dark Web Wallet
  2. Onion Wallet
  3. MixABit Bitcoin Wallet


  1. Dark Mixer Dark  Web Wallet:

Like other dark web wallets, this has an in-built bitcoin cleaner. You wouldn’t need to do much, just create an account and log in.

You can access this wallet only by using a Tor browser from torproject.org as this wallet does not support any other browser.

This is the one thing about this wallet that pro or advanced traders might find very limiting.

Once you’re done login in, you may add some bitcoins and whenever you need to spend Bitcoins, you can send them anonymously, your transactions would remain safe and hidden.

  1. Onion Wallet

It was launched first in 2012 and is known to be the oldest dark web wallet, if we may ask.

You’d need to access this wallet via Tor browser .onion dark web domain.

Onion wallet also functions like other dark web wallets, it can process large amounts of bitcoin, without leaving a trace from your private and original bitcoin address.

  1. MixABit Bitcoin Wallet:

Just like the above-mentioned dark web wallets in this blog, MixABit too has an in-built bitcoin cleaner.

You can start by creating an account and login in.

You can then send your bitcoins to the address that is shown on the wallet page on MixABit.

Like other wallets, when you need to spend bitcoins anonymously, you can simply just do so from your MixABit wallet, with complete privacy and security.

So, these are a few dark web bitcoin wallets, that will help you to protect your privacy and let you trade and transact anonymously, without leaving a trace of personal/private address.



While choosing a bitcoin mixer, be careful and choose only those bitcoin mixers that offer you the complete functionality of your wallet. The mixer must allow you access to your private keys.

Or else they’d just take your bitcoin transaction and claim only to give you unlinked bitcoins, and you’d be easily traceable and more prone to getting your bitcoins stolen.

So, trade as much as you want and use these tools and wallets to make your transactions safer and more secure.