3 of The Latest XD Wheels That’ve Been Winning Hearts & Minds in 2024!

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Whenever there is debate or discussion in aftermarket wheel circles and among those who buy them, XD Wheels automatically crops up as one of the most advanced and iconic manufacturers of rims. It is a brand that has earned its reputation over the last few decades.

And rightfully so!

This American manufacturer has been rolling out hard-hitting custom rims for SUVs, standard and passenger vehicles, trucks, and several other types of automobiles since 1996.

It is one of those giants of aftermarket rims which has gone from strength to strength over the years.

XD Wheels is a brand owned by Wheel Pros and is manufactured in Denver CO. Wheel Pros also own the KMC Wheels marquee.

These are 100% American wheels ideal for almost all vehicles currently plying the roads of this great country.

Thanks to their extensive dealership network and tie-ups with hundreds of third-party retailers, you can now purchase such high-grade rims and tires for sale at relatively lower prices, considering that XD has a reputation for being very expensive!

But you will have to identify those retailers which offer such iconic products at a discount! Do not worry, however; we have a few suggestions.

Before that, let’s have a sneak peek at what XD Rims have been up to this year!

The very best of XD Wheels now available!

Like most of the biggest companies in the niche, XD understands how important it is to upgrade their range every year and put their best foot forward. Refreshing the inventory also helps retain the interest of their loyal customers, not to mention providing ample competition to the other major players.

If you are looking for excellent aftermarket wheels for your vehicle, you might want to have a peek at these models first.

1. XD Panzer: Panzer is the German word for a tank, and this model has been named so aptly! It looks straight out of an armored vehicle with its solid build and the finish. Available in two diameters of 17 and 20 inches, the XD panzer is meant for bigger SUVs and suburban vehicles. The design is extremely heavy-duty and also remarkably utilitarian.

The matte black finish is our favorite model of this lineup. There are 20 precisely cut circular holes that stick up around the logo machined in the center. Overall, it is a model that is bound to be the object of affection whenever it’s out on the streets.

Highly recommended if you are a fan of off-roading!

2. XD860 Onslaught: This is one of the most recent models and hasn’t made its way to retail outlets across the United States. But it will. Because the 860 is one of the most eye-catching designs we have seen this year, especially in the cherry-red finish. 

It is one of the most expensive aftermarket rims that the company has produced yet, but there are certainly reasons for that. This is one of the most structurally perfect wheels the company has ever manufactured- it is lightweight, able to shoulder extreme loads, a unique spoke design that resembles antlers, and is a very good performer on almost every surface. 

The XD860 Onslaught has been released in 3 diameters: 17, 20, and 22 inches. XD Wheels is betting big that this model will be a great success and is already pitching it to several premium carmakers.

Also, the company has applied for a patent on the technologies used to design what can only be called a masterpiece.

3. XD863 Titan: The Titan is not a very new range but it has recently received a few new members. One of them is the XD863 in Satin Black. It is a traditional design with 8 spokes but the wheel is anything but ordinary. The Titan is one of the rims from the house of XD which was specifically designed to take on off-road conditions. The model is forged using T6 6061-grade aluminum and is certainly a stunner.

The Titan range was originally aimed at high-end vehicles but that positioning has recently shifted. It is now focused more towards heavy-duty SUVs and ATVs, and especially appeals to 4-wheel drive vehicles.

If you have been using Fuel Wheels all your life and now want to move away gradually to another remarkable brand, start with the XD863 Titan. It is one of the biggest examples of the technical sophistication which is the hallmark of XD Wheels.

A few important points

You can easily log on to the official website of XD and use their advanced online tools which uses AR to see how your vehicle looks like with your chosen set of rims. This is a great advantage as you do not even have to leave the comfort of your home to experience the latest aftermarket rims.

As mentioned earlier, XD rims are expensive. Perhaps you can contact retailers like California’s Audio City USA; they are authorized retailers and often offer rims and tires for sale.

You can ring them up on 888.814.1158 and experience the difference for yourself!