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At some time, some family members and loved ones would get to a stage where they need little help while carrying out their daily activities. Mothers would no longer be as agile as they were working two to three jobs. 

It is essential to show love and care to the seniors you love as their metabolism and movement change. It also shows them that they have a good support system to get through every phase of their old age. This article outlines the best ways to show love and care to older people without making them feel like a burden.  

 7 Ways to Care for Older Women: 


Employ a Caregiver 

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If you have an older woman in your family and since you are working, you may not be there when she needs a little help, you can employ a caregiver to help out. Caregivers take care of individuals who need help with their daily activities like checking the mail, washing the dishes, gardening, etc.  

They can keep the house clean and run errands for a senior around the house. When hiring a caregiver, you can go through experienced agencies or employ a person you know to avoid negative experiences or complaints.   

Give them Medications 

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Aging is stressful and mentally exhausting, and it comes with some issues which could be major or minor. Some diseases could also result from past life or actions that take a toll on the body, as it is no longer active as it used to be. Older women need to eat healthy meals and take prescribed medications alongside supplements.  

If you can afford to take them to a nursing home where they would have easy access to a doctor or a nurse, you can do that, although regular visitation would help with social bonding. In nursing homes, caregivers use adult diapers for women, also called incontinent briefs, to help older women who may not be able to control how they release waste from the body. 

Visit Regularly 

Visit them regularly, as they feel lonely and secluded, especially if they have lost a significant person. When you visit, you can take your kids along if it is a family member. It shows them that they are not alone and you are also thinking about them.  

Most older women enjoy the company of kids or ask them about their health and general feelings. You can also help them with whatever they can do around the house (checking their medications and emails, cooking, washing the dishes, reading important documents, etc.).

Categorize and Label Things in Their Home  

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You can make simple adjustments and improvements in their houses, even if you will employ the services of a caregiver. For instance, a bold label on each kitchen cupboard can tell them where the utensils are, alongside primary cooking materials. 

 Some bold instructions would help them remember what to do for electrical appliances. You can also organize a small bookshelf in their rooms to give them easy reading access at any time of the day. These simple modifications can help reduce stress and prevent them from looking for materials. 

Involve them in Social Activities  

Involving the older women in meaningful family celebrations and other social activities helps them mingle with other individuals and make new friends within their age grade. Involve them in family functions like childbirth, birthday celebrations, house warming, wedding, get-togethers, family dinners, and other auspicious events.  

You can also get them to join a book club if they like reading or a gardening club to enjoy taking care of their plants. Try to keep them around positive individuals and those they can share their love, light, and experiences with.  

Hire a Driver or Help with Driving Problems 

If you have an aging mother who can no longer attend to her driving needs very well, you can employ a driver to take her to the appointments. You can also take her through her engagement if you have the time or arrange a schedule for your family members to take turns in helping her to her appointment. If she can still drive, you can help her with her car servicing or other driving issues, even if she can handle it.  

Research and Make Good use of National Welfare Benefits  

Many developed countries run several public support programs for different categories of citizens. If you have an older adult in your care, do your research and find good welfare programs that would be beneficial to you and your loved ones. 

 Some government agendas provide free medical checkups or primary healthcare for little to no cost; other national programs give them a certain amount of money from time to time. You can also talk to older women in your care about their finances, even if it might not seem like something they would love to talk about.  


Although caring for an old-aged person can be tiresome, especially if the senior is dealing with a medical issue, the aging process is also not an easy transition. Their bodies go through different changes which they may not like, as they cannot carry out certain activities without needing a little help from active people. They need the utmost love, care, and support, to love themselves and enjoy their transition.