100 miles ultra marathon run along Vottovaara Mountain

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On October 2, the Vottovaara Mountain Race will be held on Vottovaara Mountain, near the village of Gimoly, Muezersky District. Athletes will be offered running distances of 14 km, 52 km, 50 miles, 100 miles (almost 161 km).

The difference in altitude on the 100-mile ring track will be about two thousand meters. Athletes will see Mount Vottovaara itself, Lake Pizanets and Death Mountain. At 50 miles, the climb will be about one thousand meters (participants will be left without Pisa). One Vottovaara can be seen on the 52-kilometer track, and the 14-kilometer distance will pass along the Marble Quarry.

About two thousand athletes can host the competition. It is planned that a special train “Moscow – Petrozavodsk – Gimoly” will be launched to deliver them at the launch site.