08 ways to improve your refrigerator’s energy efficiency

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It is perfectly normal to feel that your refrigerator is not working as efficiently as it used to be. Several things can cause this. It might be outdated, exhausted, or have dusty coils. So, before getting professional help, you can check many things to verify their efficiency. 

Furthermore, it may happen due to your carelessness. Therefore, you have to keep an eye on specific areas to make sure that it’s working efficiently. If you make an effort to keep your refrigerator energy-efficient, it will benefit both you and the environment. Use these tips to make your refrigerator work smarter, not harder.

Let’s see how you can improve the working of your fridge:

  1. Give your refrigerator some cool air to breathe
  2. Try to keep the doors closed when not using
  3. Keep your fridge as filled as it can tolerate
  4. Organize the items inside the fridge
  5. Use refrigerator-safe containers
  6. Avoid putting hot food in the fridge
  7. Watch the door seal and the temperature
  8. Clean the coils

Give your refrigerator some cool air to breathe

The location of your refrigerator can have a profound impact on how hard it has to work. Therefore, make sure it is distant from direct heat sources like ovens, stoves, radiators, and sunlight. Also, try to keep it out of direct sunlight. In addition, it must have at least 5 cm of free space around four sides. Moreover, put the fridge in a cool place. As a result, it will not force the device to work hard for cooling. 

Try to keep the doors closed when not using

You may distract while multitasking. But, leaving the refrigerator door open is not a good idea. Due to this, the cool air lets out, and it becomes hard for the fridge to cool again. If this happens most of the time, soon, you will have to call for refrigerator repair services. So, try to open it the minimum times.

Keep your fridge as filled as it can tolerate

Typically, it is a myth that a full fridge is more likely to get damaged. It is not entirely true. A refrigerator is there to save and store food. Therefore, it is better to keep it full. Scattered items will take more of their energy. However, more food items will let each other cool for a longer time. So, store things in your fridge to their highest capacity.

Organize the items inside the fridge 

Many people find it bizarre to organize food items in the fridge. Well, organizing the refrigerator does have a good impact on its efficiency. Take it this way! For instance, you have many items in your fridge but have no idea where. In this case, it will take you longer to find the desired item. Consequently, the condenser has to work harder.  

Use refrigerator-safe containers

Keep food in refrigerator-safe containers to avoid overworking the machinery. For that- glass is better than plastic because glass absorbs and holds cold better. Also, moisture inside your fridge can disrupt the temperature inside. So, cover the food and liquids to prevent the unit from exhausting.

Avoid putting hot food in the fridge:

It is not suitable to put hot food inside the refrigerator. Naturally, it will raise the internal temperature of the unit. As a result, the compressor will work hard to keep it cool and safe. Moreover, there are chances that hot food will get spoiled due to its temperature. 

Watch the door seal and the temperature

The door seals are vital as they are the holders of your refrigerator’s cooling. So, make sure to keep checking the door seal. In addition, keep an eye on the internal temperature of the fridge. Also, 2.2 to 3.3 degrees Celsius is the ideal temperature. If the seal wears out, call for refrigerator repair services

Clean the coils

The coils of the condenser are crucial for their efficient working. In general, these coils get dusty due to the surroundings. It is wise to keep these coils clean to lower the stress on the refrigerator (remove the plug). Plus, it will make the unit last longer.

Summing up

A refrigerator is a delicate electronic device in our homes. Often, it does not work that efficiently. The reasons could be anything. However, you can improve the energy efficiency of your refrigerator with these eight tips. So, keep your fridge in a cool place, clean its coil, and keep the door close.