Zakharova replied to the British Foreign Minister with the words of the saint

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On May 2, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, answered the head of the British Foreign Ministry Dominic Raab, citing the early Christian ascetic Anthony the Great, who is considered a saint by Catholics and Orthodox.

“The last times will come when nine sick people will come to one healthy person and say: you are sick because you are not like us,” Zakharova said.

In addition, the spokesman for the Foreign Ministry added that those who themselves are mired in it are accused of spreading propaganda.

“It’s time to think about why countries that are sick through and through with propaganda, who have used it more than once to justify an armed invasion and overthrow of governments (this is how Britain and the United States acted in Iraq, inventing a story about chemical weapons), accuse our country of their own sins,” Zakharova quotes radio station “Moscow speaking”.

Thus, Zakharova commented on Raab’s statement that the G7 countries will consider creating collective response mechanisms to counter “Russian propaganda and disinformation.”

Russia and China are allegedly trying to sow distrust in Western countries by spreading electoral disinformation or lies about COVID-19 vaccines, he said. Great Britain has identified the Russian Federation as the biggest threat to its security, but considers China to be a long-term problem in military, economic and technological terms, the head of the Kingdom’s Foreign Ministry said.

It is important to expand the international group of like-minded countries that advocate respect for human rights, democracy and open trade, the diplomat added.

The British Foreign Minister made a corresponding statement on the eve of the face-to-face meeting of the G7 Foreign Ministers, which will be held in London from 3 to 5 May. The meeting will be attended by representatives of Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Canada, USA, France and Japan.