Yulia Saranova applied for participation in the primaries for the elections to the State Duma

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On April 26, Yulia Saranova, head of the regional headquarters # We are together, submitted documents for participation in the preliminary voting of the United Russia party to the State Duma of the Russian Federation in the federal electoral district in the Tver region and in the 179th electoral district. Here we will clarify that now the parties are deciding who to nominate for the elections to the State Duma. At the same time, only United Russia conducts primaries – an open preliminary voting procedure, when all citizens, and not just party members, can influence the lists of future candidates.

– Even when I applied to the university, I was not so worried, – Julia shared her experiences. – Of course, there is a lot of work ahead, and it is all the more pleasant that we already have a team that will help to cope with the load, because I do not intend to leave charitable and volunteer activities. Now we have several large projects that absolutely need to be supported. As for the elections itself, I hope for the support of those people with whom I have worked all these years – people of the older generation, to whom the children and I brought food and medicine, our student volunteers, large families. We have established very warm relations with everyone, we maintain contacts, and develop a network of mutual assistance.

The idea of ​​nominating Yulia was supported by colleagues from the volunteer workshop. Participants of non-profit socially oriented organizations have long been talking about the need for representation at the federal level.

– I am a supporter of systemic changes, if you do something, then change the entire program, because one-time, point decisions do not lead to a result, – said the president of the Federation of Sports Tourism of the Tver Region Alexei Orlov. – Election as a State Duma deputy will open a window of opportunity to take steps towards the right bills. Letters from deputies always go straight to the governor’s desk, and do not go to various authorities. Accordingly, existing problems can be solved much faster and more efficiently.

It is worth noting the rare fusion of human qualities that is required to participate in volunteer activities. Now we are talking about the level following the “primary” volunteering, when, in addition to direct personal work, the project participant begins to coordinate other volunteers, organizes the work of groups, and negotiates with new partners.

– A volunteer is a person who is always selflessly, despite some personal inconvenience, ready to help those who need it, – emphasized Svetlana Efimova, an activist of the #We’re Together project. – Julia has the necessary personal qualities, she is very responsive, kind, at the same time very collected and efficient. The pandemic year has shown that we must all unite, that human relations are a very important factor and only those who sincerely believe in business and treat people well can “pull out” complex social projects. I really hope that Yulia will succeed.