Young Volgograd residents invented a wound healing ointment with nanoparticles

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In the Volgograd region, a network of Quantoriums and Centers for youth innovative creativity is actively developing. “Volgogradskaya” talks about some of the developments of schoolchildren and students, which are already creating the glory of the region.

Schoolchildren Anna Kholodova and Viktor Ordyntsev have developed a project called “Synthesis of wound healing ointment based on copper nanoparticles.” The idea belongs to Anna, who two years ago thought about creating an innovative ointment for burns, later the idea was transformed into a wound healing ointment.

– Copper nanoparticles due to their antibacterial properties have broad prospects for use in medicine. They easily penetrate into the human body through mucous surfaces and epithelium, and even compete with antibiotics in terms of high activity, – say the young inventors. – The first tests have already been carried out on the culture of bacteria.

The technology has proven its properties during experiments, while production does not require large costs and a lot of time. Now Volgograd residents will have to prove the effectiveness of the drug in cooperation with specialists from Volgograd State Medical University.

Note that in the Volgograd region, the creation of centers for digital and humanitarian profiles “Growth Point” continues, in 2021 about a hundred new centers will be opened. Two sites of the Technopark “Quantorium” operate in Volgograd and Volzhsky, and a mobile Quantorium works for rural schoolchildren.