Young martial artists of Kalmykia won fourteen awards

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Young martial artists of Kalmykia won eight gold and six silver awards at the All-Russian grappling wrestling competition “Cherkessk-2021”.

The competitions, which took place today in the capital of Karachay-Cherkessia, were attended by 180 athletes from eight subjects of the South and North Caucasus Federal Districts.

Kalmykia was represented by 14 athletes of the Republican Wrestling Federation of Grappling, who fought in different weight categories. Moreover, all of them took prizes.

Daria Ochirova, Spartak Byurchiev, Baina Sharapova, Timur Murchuev, Nikita Boleev, Nazar Tkachenko, Danil Taltaev and Danir Manzhiev were awarded gold medals.

Silver was won by Jal Goryaev, German Chimidov, Stanislav Taushev, Temir Dzhonov, Baldzhira Nimeeva, Temirlan Aleshkin.

The success of the athletes was shared by the coaches Edyash, Esen and Valery Esenov.