Young actress started to be blackmailed after getting undressed at the casting

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15-year-old Russian actress Alina, whose last name is not named, managed to star in several TV series, and received an email from a supposedly modeling agency, according to the KP.RU website. It was about an advertisement for underwear. The girl, as requested from her, sent her data and began to wait for a Skype call.

Alina has never been a casting, and at first she did not suspect anything. Moreover, she was not even embarrassed by the fact that she was required to strip naked, which she did. However, after a while, she began to receive messages in which a stranger blackmailed her, threatening to transfer the photos to her friends and acquaintances.

This went on for several months. At a certain point, the girl told her mother about what was happening. She came to law enforcement agencies and wrote a statement.

Now the police are looking for an extortionist who faces several articles of the Criminal Code at once and a rather long term.