Yaroslavl schoolchildren told about school Olympiads

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The absolute majority of the surveyed schoolchildren, 93%, took part in the Olympiads for schoolchildren. The schoolchildren named the main motive for not participating in the Olympiads to be lack of confidence in their abilities. This is evidenced by the results of a study by the educational company MAXIMUM Education.

92% of schoolchildren participating in school Olympiads would recommend taking part in them. They rate their difficulty at 7.5 out of 10 (1 – very easy, 10 – very difficult).

The main motive for participating in school Olympiads is the additional points given by schoolchildren for admission to universities – they are allocated by 65% ​​of the respondents. The top 5 motivations also included: the opportunity to gain additional knowledge – 49%, portfolio – 48%, admission to a university out of competition – 43%, prizes – 17%.

83% of the surveyed schoolchildren are interested in subject Olympiads in schools. 12% of respondents are interested in skill Olympiads (programming, robotics, etc.).

The respondents named lack of confidence in their abilities as the main motive for not participating in school Olympiads – it was noted by 41% of respondents who did not take and do not plan to take part in the Olympiads. 24% do not see any reason to participate in school Olympiads, 12% – said “laziness”, 6% – said “lack of time”.

Schoolchildren were also asked to identify the most “popular” Olympiads for schoolchildren. The most popular among the surveyed schoolchildren was the All-Russian Olympiad for Schoolchildren. The top 5 also included the Lomonosov Olympiad for schoolchildren, the Highest Test Olympiad for schoolchildren, the Conquer the Sparrow Hills Olympiad, and the Russian Bear Cub.