Yaroslavl investigators recorded a respectable citizen as maniacs

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The Investigative Committee for the Yaroslavl Region circulated a press release, which announced the search for a man accused of sexual assault. The photo, taken from a freeze frame in a store, shows a young man with glasses.

As it turned out later, the orientation contains incorrect information. The young man in the photo, seeing that he was accused of raping a child, was shocked by this accusation and came to the IC to investigate. The man said that he was confused with someone. He has an alibi, so he could not commit any of the violence attributed to him. He is ready to give readings on a polygraph, in addition, he passed tests for biomaterials for DNA.

This is how a respectable citizen, by mistake of investigators, was recorded as maniacs. It is not yet known whether the young man will demand compensation from the investigative committee for the Yaroslavl region. But he suffered serious reputational damage.

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