Yagudin reacted to the departure of figure skater Trusova from Plushenko

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Olympic champion in figure skating Alexei Yagudin on May 1 wished good luck to the two-time Olympic champion and coach Evgeny Plushenko, whose ward Alexandra Trusova decided to go to Eteri Tutberidze.

The skater noted that at the moment Tutberidze, to which Trusova returned, has many strong athletes claiming prizes.

“The correctness or incorrectness of each transition will be shown by future competitions. That’s the point. As for Zhenya Plushenko, I would like to wish him to continue working and try to raise his champions. As for Eteri Georgievna, in my opinion, she is the best coach at the moment, a real pro and a master of her craft. They return to her for a reason, ”the REN TV channel quotes Yagudin.

Earlier that day, Plushenko announced that the bronze medalist of the World and European Figure Skating Championships, Alexandra Trusova, had left his training group. The athlete wished Trusova success in her future career, noting that he was ending cooperation with her on a friendly note.

On April 1, it was already reported that Trusova wants to return to the Tutberidze group. Then the director of the Sambo-70 school, Renat Laishev, noted that the athlete was thinking about the transition, she had a great desire. Tutberidze herself did not confirm these words, saying that Laishev could not have such information. Plushenko then called the information about the possible departure of the skater an April Fool’s joke.

Trusova moved from Tutberidze to the Angela Plushenko Academy in May 2020.