Xi Jinping spoke about China’s openness in the face of a pandemic

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The Chinese government intends to pursue an open policy in relation to other countries and to join forces aimed at combating the spread of coronavirus infection. This was announced on Tuesday, April 20, by Chinese President Xi Jinping during the opening ceremony of the Asian Economic Forum in Boao.

He noted that China plans to continue pursuing an open policy with other countries: multilateral cooperation, including for strengthening the status of the World Trade Organization.

“China intends to join forces with other countries in the fight against the new coronavirus pandemic,” TASS quoted the head of the PRC government as saying.

On March 27, it became known that US President Joe Biden, during a conversation with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, announced his proposal to create an alternative to the Chinese concept of “One Belt – One Road” through the forces of “democratic states.”

The American president thus outlined the idea of ​​a “similar initiative” on the part of democracies to help undefined communities.