Workouts for beginners

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One of the most popular goals, globally, are those pertaining to fitness. Whether it be for the reason to lose weight, or for to stay fit, many people are interested in starting different workouts.

However, exercising is a science unto itself. If the goals are lofty, they will be harder to reach. Moreover, if you start with advanced levels workouts, you will be putting your body through undue risk.

Biting off more than you can chew when it comes to being physically fit increases the risk of injury, which then requires the help of the Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Karachi then.

Hence, if you are just starting out with a workout, you need to take up exercises that are safe for you. Furthermore, in order to not to dissuade you from working out, the exercises also need to be simple; naturally, when you are asked to get fancy equipment, the hassle can cause you to completely give up on the task altogether.

Here are some of the exercises that are good for beginners to try. Once they have achieved the minimum level of fitness, they can gradually add on to the challenge of the workouts then!

Bodyweight training

Not everyone has access to sophisticated gym equipment. When you are just starting out with a workout, and are trying different types of exercise, you do not want to invest in one either.

One way to do weight training is by utilizing body weight. These exercises help in building muscles and therefore strengthen the bones and the body. Other benefits of bodyweight training include improved mobility, ease, and convenience.

Pushups are one such example of bodyweight training. It helps in building biceps, core strength, and chest. Likewise, pullups are also good for building back muscles and biceps. Bodyweight squats are also good for the hips and are easy to do. Similarly, walking lunges are also effective.

You can do then do these exercises in combination, and different reps, as per your ease.


A fun way of exercising is dancing. You should not make light of dancing; it is a good type of cardio. It involves different muscles around the body. Dancing also makes getting fit fun, so you look forward to getting fit instead of dreading the workout.


Furthermore, there are different types of dancing that you can explore so you can find the one that best fits to your needs. Dancing also helps in improving mood as well.


Shadowboxing is throwing boxing punches etc. in the air. Not only does it help you train before stepping in the ring, if that’s your goal, but it also an effective way to build muscle. It also helps in improving coordination.

Alongside improved strategy, shadow boxing also helps with stress relief as well. It also aids in improving balance and posture.


Yoga may require a mat, but you can have a makeshift one as well. Beginner yoga involves easy and safe exercises that not only improve your physical health, but also helps with your mental health as well.

Yoga involves easy exercises that help in improving muscle tone and mass. They also improve your energy level, so for those with complaints of chronic fatigue, yoga can be of help. It also helps in boosting immunity and overall quality of life.

Extremely soothing, yoga also helps in reducing anxiety. It is also good for weight loss. Yoga is also good for reducing inflammation and thus improving immunity as well.

Furthermore, alongside improving agility and flexibility, yoga is also good for improving posture and balance. For those with problems pertaining to the back, yoga can be of help as well.

Similarly, it also helps in improving the symptoms of arthritis, so, alongside following the treatment plan crafted by experts like Orthopedic Surgeons in Darul Sehat Hospital, you can also do yoga for ease in symptoms of arthritis.