Ask a Women’s Divorce Attorney: What Kind of Information Should You Be Ready to Provide?

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It goes without saying that every divorce comes with a lot of paperwork. But what exactly do you need to bring when you visit your women’s divorce attorney for the first time? The answer is that any documents related to your financial situation, your children, or your marriage could be helpful. Let’s have a closer look at the types of documents that could be particularly beneficial.

Ask a Women’s Divorce Attorney: What Kind of Information Should You Be Ready to Provide?

Many divorce attorneys will give you a checklist of documents you need to bring to your consultation. These might include information about your finances, documents related to the marriage, and details about the children and their childcare arrangements. You should make every effort to provide all the information your lawyer asks for. If the attorney doesn’t have all the documents, there might be delays, or your outcome could be inferior.

Your Financial Information

The more financial information you can give your attorney at the start of the divorce process, the better they’ll be able to defend your rights. If possible, you should bring your paycheck stubs as well as your spouse’s income information to your initial consultation. Additionally, documents related to self-employed income and expenses and copies of tax returns can be helpful.

If you know your net worth, you should disclose it to your lawyer. Bring anything that indicates what you and your partner own, including statements of net worth, information about your pensions, and valuations of your assets.

Information About Debt

Your net worth is comprised of your assets minus your debts, so you will also need to provide your lawyer with information about any money you or your spouse owe. Bring your current mortgage statements, documents that provide information about a refinance, documents about personal loans, credit card statements, current medical bills, and information about car loans or leases.

Tangible Assets

The division of assets can be extremely complex, especially if there are many items, such as cars, boats, and homes involved. While the financial value of each item is taken into account, the judge might also consider how the asset will influence the person’s long-term financial security.

When you meet with your divorce attorney, let them know about all the tangible assets you own. This could include documents that provide details about real estate purchases, tax assessor’s statements, documents showing the legal description of a property that is owned either together or separately, and the title or registration of all the family’s vehicles.

Documents Related to the Marriage

Before the dissolution of your marriage can take place, Columbus OH divorce attorneys for women will need to see several documents related to your marriage. These include the marriage license, prenuptial or postnuptial agreements you made, and any life insurance policies you or your spouse have. What’s more, you should provide information about advanced healthcare directives, wills, and powers of attorney.

Information About Your Children

Aside from splitting the assets, you’ll also have to determine how to handle childcare. If you’d like to be the custodial parent, you should gather evidence that proves why you are the more suitable parent. This could include information about how childcare was handled in the past, witness statements, calendars, and even diary entries.

You might also need to provide proof that you require child support payments from your spouse. Only around 50% of custodial mothers have solid child support agreements in place. Make a list of all the costs associated with your child and present it to your divorce lawyer. They can help you make sure that your spouse pays their fair share.

Your Childcare Ideas

Children are resilient, and most of them adjust to a new situation within two years. Despite this, a divorce can cause a variety of issues, including an increased chance of risky behavior and an increased chance of poverty. To minimize the impact your divorce has on your children, you should think about childcare and custody early on. Aside from the information mentioned above, you should be prepared to provide ideas and plans for the future.

As soon as the decision to divorce has been made, you can start to learn about the custody process and decide what would be best for your children. You should create a sample schedule and make suggestions about issues such as where the children will spend the holidays. Being prepared shows that you are committed to the process and that you are a responsible parent.

When you visit your women’s divorce attorney for the first time, you should bring as much information and evidence as possible. Try to obtain the most important financial statements, documents related to the marriage, and documents related to your children. To get the best outcome possible, your lawyer will need a lot of proof. Remember, the more information your attorney has, the better the chances that you will gain