With a communist outcome: why the oldest member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation left the party

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One of the founders of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, a communist with almost 50-year-old Ivan Nikitchuk announced his resignation from the party. This was preceded by several more scandals among the rank-and-file members, now the unrest has reached the top in the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. What caused the conflicts, and why Nikitchuk accused his former comrades-in-arms of collaborating with the “scoundrels” – in the material of Izvestia.

Former deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation of several convocations and head of the public organization “Russian Scientists of Socialist Orientation” (RUSO) Ivan Nikitchuk announced his resignation from the party. At the 18th Congress of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation held on April 23, where the leadership of the party was re-elected, the communist made a devastating speech. He published a corresponding statement on the official website of RUSO.

“Can’t be in the same party with the scoundrel”

Nikitchuk made the decision to leave the party in protest against the re-election of State Duma Deputy Pavel Dorokhin to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. In his speech, he said: “This thoroughly false communist, with the full approval of Zyuganov, publishes books in which he portrays Vladimir Lenin as a Russophobe, debaucher and destroyer of the Russian people.”

Dorokhin really publishes books and is a member of the Writers’ Union. One of his latest editions, Stalin and the Church through the Eyes of Contemporaries: Patriarchs, Saints, Priests (2012), aroused particular indignation from his colleague. In his book, according to Nikitchuk, Dorokhin “portrayed Joseph Stalin as a hypocrite who deceived the party and the communists, hiding his religious beliefs: allegedly, somewhere in the basements of the Kremlin, he prayed, received communion, atonement for his sins.” The politician was surprised: why is he being dragged into the Central Committee, and added that an honest communist “cannot be a member of the same party with people like Pavel Dorokhin.”

Nikitchuk stressed that he joined the party in 1974, but it was a different party. “I see that I’m in the wrong party, so I declare my withdrawal from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and leave the congress … I have to declare that any honest person, and even more so a communist, cannot be in the same party with the scoundrel Dorokhin,” the politician emphasized. He also said that the leadership of the Communist Party, headed by Gennady Zyuganov, cooperates with various “villains, scoundrels and crooks.”

In a conversation with URA.RU, Nikitchuk confirmed his decision to leave the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. According to the former State Duma deputy, Dorokhin has nothing to do with the communists. “He is a pure whiteguard who cheated everyone: the Soviet government, the leaders of the Soviet state, Stalin, Lenin,” Nikitchuk noted. He added that he is not going to join other parties and will remain a “non-party communist”

Wrong thing

However, Pavel Dorokhin is known not only for literary creativity. The TASS report dedicated to him speaks not only of his high place in the party structure and long-standing ties with Gennady Zyuganov, but also of his broad business opportunities. In the 90s, Dorokhin was a top manager of various types of companies, and later – a representative of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Italy, at the same time he headed the Moscow office of the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce. In 2011-2012. was an advisor at Rosoboronexport.

According to Lenta.ru, the communist is also successfully engaged in commercial lobbying. In 2014, as a State Duma deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, he sent official letters to the President of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC), the governor of the Kamchatka Territory and the head of the Tyumen Region administration.

Of these, as the newspaper writes, the USC learned that the AMK group of companies is best suited for the modernization of the North-Eastern repair center in Vilyuchinsk. And the heads of the subjects of the federation received assurances on the Duma letterheads that the ideal partner for “work and private trips on tickets, hotels, transfers” of Tyumen-Kamchatka civil servants is Talariya LLC.

“It is possible that similar messages could be sent to other regions. Thus, in a letter to Kamchatka, Deputy Dorokhin advertised the services of the Talaria company to ensure the movement of the apparatus of the “governor, mayor’s office and the administration of the city of Tyumen”. This is an error that usually occurs when many copies of the same document are stamped, changing only a few words associated with the addressee, ”concludes the author of the material.

Then the only consequence of Dorokhin’s letters was to draw attention to this previously little public communist lobbyist. However, the Internet also describes other cases of promoting commercial interests at the highest level by a parliamentarian. Several years ago, IA Rusfond wrote that at one time Dorokhin, being the deputy chairman of the industry committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, demonstrated loyalty to the management of the Siberian Cement company and even intervened in corporate conflicts.

“Dorokhin’s dubious activities have already cast a shadow on the Communist Party, discrediting its leadership, all members. However, the apparatchik continues to speculate in the interests of voters, devaluing the activities of his colleagues and does not want to stop there, ”writes Rusfond.

And it was Dorokhin who in 2014 initiated the “Law on Industrial Policy of the Russian Federation” in the interests of a number of large enterprises and even headed an interdepartmental working group on its preparation. The bill was rejected by the Duma majority of “United Russia”, but in the opinion of journalists, the deputy has strengthened his influence in the eyes of large financial and industrial groups through his legislative activities.

Dorokhin’s political career did not interfere with another period in his biography, directly related to the violation of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.In 2008, he ran for governor of the Tyumen region. But he was barred from participating in the elections, since the regional election commission found Dorokhin’s criminal record (in 2000 he was charged under Part 1 of Art. 222 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Illegal acquisition, transfer, sale, storage, transportation or carrying of weapons, its main parts, ammunition, explosives and explosive devices “). Later, the conviction was canceled, writes TASS. And soon everyone forgot about the scandal.

Mass exodus

The patronage of Dorokhin’s activities by the top leadership of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, which caused one of its oldest members to leave the party, is far from the only scandal in the ranks of the “red”. Earlier, ordinary communists complained that members of the top leadership of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation launched terror against the primary cells of the party and regional branches. Then the media wrote that “the ideological supporters of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation are expelled from the party, and instead of them come careerists and representatives of the criminals.”

According to ordinary party members, giving the “green light” to the tainted communists at the highest level, the political association risks being left without voters. As stated in a recent message from rank-and-file party members, “the Communist Party of the Russian Federation has every chance of repeating the fate of the CPSU. The people will turn their backs on us. And this will be a new heavy defeat for the communist idea in Russia. The responsibility for the looming defeat will rest entirely with the current leadership of the Communist Party. “