Wired or battery-powered chainsaw: Which type is in demand and when?

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A compact cordless chainsaw can convince with low weight and easy handling. As a result, the cordless chainsaw for women can be a good alternative to its counterpart with an electric motor. The devices score with a high degree of flexibility and versatile application possibilities. In addition, they are quiet in operation. In addition to the many advantages, however, battery-powered chainsaws have disadvantages compared to the wired model. For example, their sword length is significantly smaller. Also in terms of sawing performance, you have to make compromises. For example, if you have to saw hardwood, you are often better advised to use a device with a power cable. The same applies to longer work assignments in the garden.


Consider buying a model with a cable instead of the cordless chainsaw, take a look at its advantages and disadvantages:

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  • suitable for continuous operation
  • recommended for thick branches and hard cuttings
  • long service life




  • often heavier than a cordless chainsaw
  • louder in operation
  • often higher acquisition costs


What are the different categories of chainsaws?


Chainsaws differ in their type of drive. In addition to battery-powered models, chainsaws with electric motors and gasoline engines are the most common variants. This table shows you how these three types differ from each other:


Electric Chainsaw


  • Chain speed up to 14 meters per second
  • handy shape
  • Weight between six and ten kilograms
  • high cutting performance
  • also suitable for thick branches or hardwood
  • Power source required nearby


Gasoline Chainsaw


  • powerful motor
  • mainly intended for professional use
  • Weight between six and twelve kilograms
  • Fuel for a two-stroke engine must be mixed from oil and gasoline
  • very noisy in operation


Cordless Chainsaw


  • particularly light and compact
  • quiet operation
  • Suitable for one-hand operation depending on the model
  • recommended for small sawing work
  • Sword length less than electric and gasoline chainsaw
  • not intended for continuous use

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