Will Smith shocked fans with his physical form: “What a belly”

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52-year-old Hollywood star Will Smith greatly surprised fans with his appearance. He posted a picture in which he stands in only shorts, a sports jacket and sneakers.

He captioned the photo like this: “I’ll be honest with you – I’m in the worst shape in my life.” The picture shows that Smith did have a saggy belly. Probably, the actor stopped monitoring food and playing sports.

Nevertheless, many subscribers still supported their idol. “You look great!”, “You are 52 years old. You look great”, “Enjoy your body now.”

However, there were also those who criticized Will for such an attitude to his physical form. “What a belly!”, “Someone moved into our uncle Will”, “Lovely cheeks”.

Last year it became known that Will Smith decided to live with his wife Jada Pinkett in an open relationship. He stated that his wife was an old friend of his. And now he allowed her to meet with her lover.