Will Derek Chauvin appeal?

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The verdict came out Tuesday: Former police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murdering African-American George Floyd following a high-profile trial in Minneapolis court. The next logical step for the 45-year-old is an appeal process that he will undoubtedly carry out, believes criminologist Jean-Pierre Rancourt.

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“It is sure that it will go to appeal, admitted from the outset Me Rancourt in an interview with the QMI Agency. Now, will he be able to get his release in the meantime? Very possible because he has always been free from the start. “

Recall that Derek Chauvin, who rested his knee on George Floyd’s neck for 9.46 minutes during his arrest, was found guilty of the three charges he faced, namely second degree murder, of third degree murder and manslaughter.

Two points that risk being criticized are the holding of the trial in Minnesota, the site of the acts which caused a stir last May, and the late sequestration of jurors.

“It’s been a year ago. The media watch the video every day and the people of Minnesota are imbued with it. The judge still decided to hold a trial with jurors who come from the region. It could be a call point ”, mentioned Me Rancourt, who recalled that the members of the jury may have been “contaminated” by outside opinions before the trial.

There was a lot of pressure on these jurors. A state official even mentioned that if Derek Chauvin was acquitted, the city of Minneapolis would be set on fire.

Rare case

Me Jean-Pierre Rancourt is of the opinion that the judgment handed down on Tuesday is good. Only on the second degree murder charge, the former policeman could be sentenced to 40 years in prison.

In the United States, there is no parole as in Canada. North of the border, the “degrees” of murder do not exist and Derek Chauvin would then have received a sentence of at least 10 years, said the criminal lawyer.

The conviction of a police officer is a rather rare occurrence in American judicial history. They often got away with it, but this time even his colleagues and the accused’s leader testified against him.

“The majority of cases, the police had not been charged. State prosecutors said it was justifiable. It is certain that the victims, the parents of the victims were very shocked by this, but the majority [des policiers] was not charged and if they were charged, they were acquitted, ”said Mr.e Rancourt.