Wilfand predicted warming in central Russia next week

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The “cold wave” will leave the European territory of Russia on Tuesday next week, said Roman Vilfand, scientific director of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

According to him, the air temperature from August 18 “will surely be above 20 degrees.”

“There is such a dip on the forecasting charts, a cold wave, trough values ​​in the temperature graph. But starting from Tuesday, the temperature has risen, ”the TASS forecaster is quoted as saying.

However, according to Vilfand, the temperature background will still be slightly below the norm by 1-1.5 degrees, and one should not expect hot weather in the near future.

“This August weather will be normal,” the scientist noted.

Earlier, Vilfand said that September weather expects the European part of Russia from the middle of the week. The temperature will be below normal by 3-4 degrees.

According to meteorologists, from August 12, a cold snap will come to the capital region. The air temperature will be 3-4 degrees below normal.

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