Why Use a Paper Binder in Your Company?

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Digital technology was received enthusiastically as each new technological advancement sparked a new wave of excitement. But now, more than a decade after its inception, people are being bombarded with innumerable digital messages daily. Because of the constant bombardment of digital information, people are learning to recognise the value of print marketing. Printed materials, not digital ones, make up three of our top five list of marketing recommendations.

The paper binder folder is one of the most useful printed products for businesses. Paper binders are print marketing’s answer to the digital era because of their incredible adaptability and ability to convey a large amount of material at once. Why should you utilise them to market your business? Here’s what makes them so distinctive.

Paper Binders Have Many Advantages

Designs with a wide range of application

A warning: Commercial printing will make your head spin. Paper binders may be printed in practically any manner you choose, including textured ways that generate fascinating 3D effects, so prepare for a crash lesson in printing processes. You can emboss or deboss your design to produce a raised or indented pattern. This invites customers to engage with the design because of the unusual feel.

Consider using foil stamping if you want to give your company’s emblem a metallic sheen. To complement your company’s colour scheme, most printers provide a broad range of foil hues.

These pre-mixed inks are ideal for generating basic patterns, gradients or huge regions of colour. Choose the PMS inks if you require the print job to match your brand colours. Try CMYK printing, which is our personal preference. These unique inks can assist if you’re a paper binder looking to entice your customers’ imaginations.

Cuts made just for you with a die.

When you walk into your local office supply store, most assume that a binder folder is only available in predetermined sizes and forms. On the other hand, paper binders are somewhat flexible in design. Because they are available in over a dozen original die-cuts, you may personalise your design in any way you choose. In some instances, the front or rear panel only has one pocket connected. Paper binders with media pockets, such as DVDs, CDs, brochures, and flash drives, are also available. This allows you to include digital aspects into your printed marketing materials, giving you the best of both worlds.

Coatings with unique properties

Using paper binders, you may also add custom coatings to the paper material. This is a unique feature. The coatings serve two functions. When protecting your paper, laminate coatings are your best bet. Besides that, they provide exciting textures that acquaint your customers with your brand in a new way. Gloss lamination, for example, provides a smooth, silky feel, whereas soft-touch lamination has a plusher texture. Using one of these coatings can help customers remember your brand since it simultaneously activates their sense of touch and sight.

diameters of little rings

At most office supply stores, you’ll only be able to find two or three different sizes of giant rings. The papers within the binder might slip and slide if your marketing materials don’t fill up the enormous rings. Doing this increases the risk of them damaging or crumpling throughout your presentation.

In contrast, bespoke paper binders come in small ring sizes like 12″ or 34″, which are difficult to buy in shops. Thanks to these smaller rings, binder designs may be tailored to your marketing kit’s dimensions. Keep your papers in pristine condition by stapling them together in a neatly arranged bundle that will wow your clients.