Why Shoring Is Important In Construction

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Do you know how engineers build perfectly curved bridges with only a few foundation supports? Whether it’s a bridge or any other building, the secret of erecting buildings is shoring. The process of constructing any building involves creating many temporary structures such as underpinning and scaffolding but shoring is one of the most important ones. This temporary structure is crucial to ensure that the construction process takes place safely, quickly, efficiently, and more conveniently. Shoring is a temporary structure used for supporting a building, vessel, structure, or trench. It is built during the construction or repair of buildings and other structures to prevent collapse. The term shoring means a timber or metal prop. The vertical, horizontal, or angled shores are used to support the weight of the building.

Shoring is used for multiple purposes and there are several different methods of shoring are used, depending on the situation. However, the most common type of shoring is trench shoring which is used during the early stages of construction projects. Trench shoring is used during the excavation process to ensure safety for workers in a trench. The basic purpose of creating a shoring system is to provide a solid and strong supporting structure in a range of civil construction projects. Shoring is certainly a crucial aspect of construction and here are some of the top reasons to install a shoring system before starting any construction project.


One of the most important reasons to use shoring is to ensure the safety of the worksite. Trenches are at the risk of collapse and that’s why trench shoring is important to keep workers safe when working with or in trenches. All construction sites are at high risk of accidents and shoring provides proper support to the soil or the structure to prevent accidents. The accidents at the worksite not only cause injuries to the workers but also jeopardize the construction process. In addition to this, you could also possibly face a lawsuit if any worker gets injured.

Saves Time

Besides keeping everyone at the worksite safe, shoring can also help in avoiding unnecessary delays due to trench collapse. Sometimes, when a trench collapses, it may not cause any injury. However, it does cause downtime and delays work because workers would need to re-dig the trench. Post trench collapse, workers can’t simply get back to the work that they were doing. Restoring things and re-digging the trench will take a significant amount of time. So, to save your time, energy, and resources, it’s best to use shoring at the initial stage of the construction process.

Robust Construction

Constructing a good and robust building is all about starting with a solid foundation. If you want to ensure that the building you’re constructing is sturdy and safe, then it’s important to make the right use of shoring. It will help in laying a strong foundation on which a safe, secure, and strong home or building can be constructed. Besides ensuring the safety of the building, shoring structures can be used over and over again. A construction company that often need to dig trenches and use shoring can invest in trench boxes that can be used for future projects also.