Why Rendering Your Property Is Important?

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If you walk down a typical city street, you will see a mix of buildings. Some are very modern, some are old, some will have exposed bricks, some will have to render applied. You may be wondering why some buildings have a render finish and others do not – a good question! Let’s supply you with various reasons why you should hire experts like rendering Garston services at Pioneer Renovations LTD.

Reason 1 – Aesthetics:

The first reason for rendering is to improve the looks. Adding a render coat can brighten up a wall that looks ugly, and offers the opportunity to give the whole house a facelift.

Back in the 70s, it seemed to mean pebbledash, but these days the standard is usually a smooth white render.

If your rendering is old and worn out, or perhaps broken, you may need to render again. This service by rendering Garston will include removing the old provision and starting afresh pm exposed wall. It is also possible to paint it, which often looks sharp; while render installing can be another great way than repaint every few years.

Reason 2 – Penetrating Damp:

Another reason people choose to render their homes is to deal with water shortages and water problems. Some types of bricks, especially in exposed areas, may be liable to water if exposed for a long time. Water seeps into a solid brick wall and enters the house, creating a lot of problems. Adding a render layer to the exterior wall of the home blocks the flow of water into the building and prevents this moisture path from occurring. This is only true of old solid brick buildings

If you have any problems regarding rendering then, get a professional like rendering Garston services to look after you and inform you about the best course of action. In some cases, rendering may not be the answer, and where it’s is appropriate, the type used will be important – so do your research if you are trying to cope with the damp.

Rendering Garston
Rendering Garston

Reason 3 – Improve thermal performance:

Rendering your property will provide its minimal protection effect, but if you rendering then, it is a good time to look at the full external insulation.

External wall fittings are expensive – but so is rendering, and if you put a scaffolder on top and get a contractor to render, it is a great time to consider an outdoor installation. You can also get benefit from the various grant funds available for insulation, but not for rendering.

some customers end up spending less money on external insulation than they could on the rendering– and then they see a lot of savings on their energy bills as well.

Choosing the right render:

Finding the right type of rendering is very important, as each type has different properties that can benefit your property or decrease problems.

Rendering Garston use three types of rendering :


This is a cheap type of rendering and can provide bright colours. However, it is not breathable – and this can be a problem for some buildings.


This type is hard-wearing but breathable. It is a medium-price option and is usually appropriate for most places.

Silicone Silicate:

This type is very expensive, but it has many beneficial properties – it is self-cleaning and breathable. However, it can be applied during the summer months only as it requires high temperatures to dry.

Is rendering worthy?

There are several good reasons to render your property, even if you live in a modern home. However– rendering will not be for everyone as it is costly. Think carefully about the type of rendering you want and whether you want to install it at the same time – because this is an investment that will be on your wall for many years, and will be costly to remove or replace.