Why Kraft Packaging Boxes Are An Important Part Of The Marketing Mix?

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There are five P‘s in any marketing mix, product, price, place, promotion, and Packaging. This combination and marketing mix is incomplete without having Packaging it. It means Packaging is so much in the field of marketing, and every product marketer adds Packaging in the marketing campaigns. This packaging P directly affects the other P’s and manipulates its impact. When Packaging p adds with other P’s, it manipulates the power, impact, and aggregate marketing efforts.

Role of Kraft in Marketing Mix

Kraft is a recyclable material, and this is the main reason for its high use in production. Environment-conscious people are much more concerned about the surroundings and hygienic conditions of the boxes. In Kraft-made boxes, one could print the logo on the box and achieve a distinct shape easily. All this is done by keeping an eye on the marketing goals and plans. Marketers focus on using Kraft paper for the boxes of products because these are affordable, recyclable, lightweight, and can be customized in any shape.

Kraft paper is brown in color, but it could be yielded in a variety of colors after bleaching it. Usually, people use labels and stickers on these boxes and make them attractive and eye-catching for the customers.


Packaging as a fifth “P” of the marketing mix:

After adding Packaging to the marketing mix, all the marketing campaigns are pushed to a higher level. Now marketers are looking toward branding and customer loyalty. A question arises here, why do marketers and packaging engineers focus more on Packaging? Here is the answer, because it presents the goods, products and other stuff in the best possible way and grabs the attention of the customers. Add to this, this also tells the real value, communicates the true vision of the company, and brings the customers towards your products. Everyone knows your product; differentiate them easily after the first glance of the box.

In addition to the above points, custom Kraft boxes wholesale production advertises and promotes the packed products through the text and information printed on them. In this way, the design and printing of the box have been much more important in recent decades.

In the end, the Packaging tells the customers what they are searching for. What do they want to see, and what are their needs in visual form? Because of all these reasons, marketers, brand ambassadors, and packaging experts add this as a fifth P in the marketing mix.

Role of Packaging in the positioning of any brand

Ponder wisely, and every product has some good position in the mind of their target audiences. Here Packaging plays a crucial role, and it helps them build the right position in mind. This positioning helps the recent customer to convert into loyal and repeat customers. So, any product supplier gets more sales and huge profits. This is why positioning is very much important in the field of Packaging. So, the role of custom kraft boxes could not be ignored anymore, and this could be led to your positioning to the next and higher level. In addition to this, the product manufacturer required the best design and unique style of Kraft box and gained the right position in the market too.


Various types of Packaging and their core functionalities

When we talk about the types of Packaging regarding Kraft, then there are basically three types.

  1. Primary Packaging
  2. Secondary Packaging
  3. Tertiary Packaging

These three basic types are used with their specific functions in the market. Primary is single unit packaging that targets the retailers and consumers directly. In addition to this, secondary Packaging is the main cover and couture of the primary unit, and Tertiary is being used for transportation. The Tertiary is a large size box that contains several small primary units.


Kraft boxes serve the retail display of products

When our target audience in the marketing mix is retailers, then we use the branded boxes. Such boxes are retail Kraft boxes, and commonly we print the logo on them. Such logos, slogans, prices, and information make them branded. Furthermore, there are Kraft display boxes that could be hanging and placed on the counters for marketing purposes. So, Kraft boxes are the best to display products in the malls and shops.

Kraft containers are best for transporting product

Usually, Kraft paper-made boxes are not being used for transportation, but corrugate used. On the other hand, these could be used for the transportation of low-weight products. These are good for carrying lightweight and soft products. These products could be gifts, pouches, cosmetic items, and a small group of such products.


Kraft packaging and its rising popularity due to its eco-friendly nature

Kraft is an easily recyclable material, and this is the main reason behind its popularity. But the labels and stickers stick on Kraft boxes mitigate its recycling ability, and waste management companies have to remove them before recycling. In this scenario, the industry is very much meticulous and uses Kraft packaging. After the COVID-19 era, people are in an alert situation and never want to see another jerk because of environmental pollution. That’s why Kraft is very common and useful nowadays.

Customization of boxes is a key player in branding the products

Kraft paper can be customized easily and personalized too. This customization helps in the marketing and branding of the product. Through customization, you can get the desired boxes, required color, and the mark addon. All sizes, dimensions, styles, and shapes could be achieved by the use of a customization process. You can even print your name, event name, and year for the specific event boxes.

Simplicity with minimalistic but quality information

Simplicity is the mother of attraction, and a large number of brands use a minimalistic approach. They just print the logo on the box and make it simple. Yes, gold and silver foils could be appended to the box. This would lead to the luxurious touch of the box. People love the minimalistic approach, and well-known brands focus on it. Before getting ready your Kraft boxes, make sure to hire a good designer who can design the minimalist approach box designs for you.

Deliver a positive brand image to users

A good custom boxes, whether it is Kraft-made or cardboard-made, brings a positive and branded impression to the mind of the customers. This positive attitude towards the boxes leads to the sales and branding of the box. This is because the boxes are now a part of the marketing mix, and one can’t ignore this.

Final words

Packaging is now the last P in the marketing mix, but it has much importance. Without having proper customization, the right use of material, and a minimalist approach, one could not achieve the highest satisfaction of the customer.