Why January 1 is Celebrated as the New Year Worldwide?

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January, the first month of the year is considered an extremely important month both literally and psychologically. The first month of the year has 31 days and is considered the coldest month in the northern region. 

1st January, which embarks as the beginning of a new year is considered as a holiday worldwide. Most of the people want to start fresh and want to make new plans in January month


How the Month of January has changed since Centuries: 

 January has a very interesting history, and here are some fun facts about the month.

According to ancient stories, during the rule (c. 715–673 BCE) Numa revised the Roman republican calendar, and March was replaced by January as the first month, and that was a suitable choice.

The name of January comes from Janus, the Roman god of doors as January acts as a door to the entire year. In the very beginning, January had a total of just 30 days. It was later that Julius Caesar added an extra day and made it 31 days.

In the ancient Roman calendar, the year started with March. January was not considered a month back then. January was added in 700 BC by King Pompilus. 

January is also considered a very cold month. In most of the states of the country, the temperature ranges from – the degree to 20 degrees. The month is known as a harsh month, as at this month a lot of outdoor activities are canceled due to extreme temperature.


January Holidays in the United States:  

January is not a very loved month by the people of the States, as this month puts a full stop to all the festivities and the holiday season and forces people to put a full stop to the holidays and get back to work. It also acts as a very important month of the year, whereof the planning of the future takes place and hence is considered as a very crucial yet heavy month.

However, still, the month of January accounts for several holidays which are: 

New Year’s Day 

The New Year’s Day celebrations take place on the first day of the month, which is the 1st of January. New Year is considered to be one of the most happening events in the country. The New Year is considered a national holiday across the world, which is celebrated on the 1st of January which is the very first day of the year. 

It is considered the happiest time of the year because people love to start from the fresh. This is a time to get over all the bad and negative thoughts, and put in place also fresh thoughts. It’s the time for new beginnings. To set new goals and plans and shape your future in a better way. New Year is considered as one of the oldest holidays which is celebrated for years. The day of the celebration has remained constant, the rest everything has changed. The way the festival is celebrated has been changing year by year.

Martin Luther King’s Day 

Martin Luther King Day is known as the federal holiday which is generally observed on the third Monday of January each year. This is the day when Martin Luther King Jr, the American civil rights leaders’ life is celebrated across the full nation. He is a very known leader for his extra-giving campaigns to put an end to the racial segregation on public transport and for racial equality in the United States. His very famous speech ‘I Have A Dream’ has given endorsement to everyone to support him in the fight for equality.

So, these were some facts about the month of January. We wish you all a prosperous and healthy new year and start planning for a better future. In this, printable calendars act small as a thing, an important part of our lives. Right from the first month, which is January, a calendar helps in planning and targeting all the thoughts and helps in giving a proper direction to the 1000 + thoughts we have.