Why is it important to disinfect your home regularly, and how to do it?

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All of us have learned many things about this pandemic, and being clean and healthy might be the biggest of them all. People have fought this virus and recovered from it as well, only through their immunity. While your immunity is a function of your lifestyle, diet, and many other things, the amount of cleanliness you maintain around yourself is a big part of that as well. All of us were compelled to wash our hands, adopt regular sanitization and maintain social distancing protocols to help contain the virus’s spread.

While all of these things were the visible changes we had to adopt, the need for regular cleaning, disinfection, and sanitization were the ones that weren’t on the forefront. These habits are essential and relevant for hygiene and immunity to protect you from this virus and every other one there. Only washing your hands or that regular cleaning which you did earlier isn’t enough to prevent the virus; you need to step up. Disinfecting and sanitizing your entire home is the thing you need to follow to protect you and your family from this pandemic. Here is how you should disinfect your home:

Sanitizing high contact areas

Areas like doorknobs, countertops, or cabinets are high contact areas and are touched by almost everyone entering the house. It would be best if you sanitized these areas with spray-on sanitizers to help contain the virus’s spread.

Spraying or wiping down sanitizer on these surfaces after anyone touches them would kill any virus or germs present on the surface.

Hiring a professional service

You can hire a professional cleaning service for regular cleaning, and disinfection of your home is a prudent choice to take off the stress from your mind. This would help you get maximum protection from the virus as professionals use the necessary tools and services and protection equipment for your home’s disinfection.

Soft surfaces

Disinfecting soft surfaces like bed sheets, clothing, covers, etc., is an essential step in your home’s disinfection. Washing and thoroughly drying your laundry before using it is crucial as it helps kill off germs and viruses.

Separating the laundry according to the user is also a plus point as the clothes that you wear outside your home are more prone to contracting the virus.

Hard surfaces

Hard surfaces like countertops, handles, and your home’s doors need to be sanitized as you cannot toss them into the laundry. Investing in sanitizing and disinfectant sprays and other equipment would help you clean every nook and corner of your home and protect your loved ones.

Food containers and kitchen utensils

Food containers and utensils are used by everyone daily, making it crucial to sanitize and clean them. Use gloves while handling the food containers or when organizing them to reduce contact.

Clean the dirty dishes first, dry them, and sanitize them with sprays and disinfectants to kill off any virus or germs.

The electronics

Sanitizing electronics is something that could easily skip your mind, making it a risk for your health. You use your mobile phone, laptop, or the tv remote every hour, making it one of the high contact spaces.

Using alcohol-based wipes to clean the electronic surfaces would be a wise choice. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions while handling your electronics.

Get a quote for disinfection services for your entire house and allocate your budget for the same. Hiring a professional would help you get the best services and manage the disinfection on a tight schedule!