Why Harry Kane won’t leave Tottenham this summer

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The transfer window is not even open yet, and we already know the main character of the new saga. He will be Harry Kane – the strongest player of Tottenham and the England national team, who has clearly sat in Spurs and wants to know what it is like to win something.

But one Wishlist is not enough – everyone knows that the club, represented by Daniel Levy, does not want to let go of its mascot.

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Official transfer request

When a football player submits an official transfer request, it is always the last straw. Insiders at the club are confident that Kane is willing to do even that. And this is not very surprising.

All indications are that Kane wants some clarity even before Euro 2020 starts, but Levy is silent. Almost certainly, Kane and his brother Charlie, acting as agent, will demand to put it up for sale.

Huge price

A couple of months ago, there were reports in the media that Kane’s value was £ 150 million. Lot? Few! If you really let go of the favorite, then it is much more expensive than for such a cost. And sources are already calling another figure – 200 million. Minimum.

The club that can afford Kane

All indications are that Kane wants Manchester City, but the reigning champion rarely buys players for crazy amounts. And he especially does not want to pay more than a hundred, so such a development of events is unlikely

Manchester United and Chelsea are also interested, and they have enough money, but they will not risk it, especially since the player wants a salary of 300 thousand pounds a week. We must not forget that lately he is often injured, and the thirtieth player is not far off. It is obvious that whoever buys it will not sell it for more.

Another striker

How to replace Kane? The question is not only in goalscorer abilities, but also in leadership skills. He is not just a star, but a cult figure in the club.

If Kane is sold, it will only be after someone is found to replace him. And the search has not even begun – Levy does not even want to think about such a development of events. He’s got something else on his mind.

One thing is for sure: in the coming weeks, the media will begin to scatter such names as Olivier Giroud, Romelu Lukaku, Lautaro Martinez, Luca Jovic, Anthony Martial, Moussa Dembele and others.