Why do high traffic websites opt for VPS China?

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The websites experience slower web page load time, performance issues, and downtime if they are being hosted on a shared server even after achieving a considerable amount of traffic. Once the website starts to expand and begin receiving the high traffic volume, it infers that the advantages of a shared hosting plan will not serve enough anymore for your website. The shared server hosting has certain limitations that come in between the advancement of websites and high traffic management. Therefore, it is highly suggested to the website owners, who are acquiring a lot of traffic on their site, to upgrade and switch to VPS China. The China VPS server hosting helps you overcome all the shared server hosting limitations and efficiently handle high traffic volume without any downtime. Let us begin by first addressing the underlying mechanism of a VPS Hosting China.

What is VPS Hosting?

The China VPS is an acronym for Virtual Private Server. It operates on the principle of virtualization technology. A physical server is divided into multiple virtual private servers utilizing the virtualization software known by the name of the hypervisor. Each user on the physical server gets the individual VPS server China along with the dedicated web resources according to the website needs.

Unlike in the shared server hosting, your website will not get intervened by other websites residing on the same physical server in the China VPS hosting. The performances of each virtual server with the websites hosted on them will be independent. You will not have to share the same IP address with other websites. It will help to secure your website against any actions taken by other users’ websites. The VPS China is effective in managing the high volume of traffic as the resources are not shared among the users. Instead, each user can scale up the resources, and the website can have what it needs in order to give excellent performance and handle high traffic.

Let us check out the significant benefits your website can have with VPS hosting in China in the next section.

Advantages of VPS Hosting China that Make it a Better Choice for High Traffic Websites

Increased Reliability

With the increased inflow of traffic, the shared server hosting begins to lag, and your website faces downtime. However, with the VPS in China your website acquires the capability to handle the surge in web traffic. China VPS attempts to mimic the dedicated server and assigns the separate web resources to the particular virtual private server that is being utilized by the individual website. Therefore, it helps to reduce the pressure on the server. Consequently, your website gets the enhanced reliability on a virtual private server hosting.

Software freedom

In the shared server hosting, you do not get to choose the type of software and operating system that will be operated on the server. They are decided by the preference of your hosting provider. On the contrary, the VPS China hosting permits you to install the operating system that is most suitable to your website. You can have run any software required on your virtual private server. Suppose, if you do not want to deal with the technicalities of handling a server, you have the choice to opt for the managed VPS hosting China plan. With the managed VPS China plan, your hosting provider will render you the support of experts who will take charge of your website’s configuration and software needs to handle the high traffic volume.

Control over the server

Along with the software and operating system freedom, you can acquire complete root access to your China VPS in the virtual private server hosting environment. You get the authority to run your server the way you desire. More control over the server is essential for those users who wish to install additional applications needed to manage the high volume traffic. Moreover, you will have the chance to install further security applications to protect your website data from any security threats.


The VPS hosting china is very cost-effective. VPS China offers dedicated resources, an isolated hosting environment, scalability, better security, full root access, and high customizability under the most affordable prices. Without having to pay for the entire dedicated server to host your website, you can have its most privileges under the VPS hosting China. It is an ideal as well as a much cheaper option than the dedicated server hosting solution for your website.

Better security

The websites that get the high traffic volume inflow are more vulnerable to be attacked by spammers, hackers, third-party security threats. The VPS China provides the isolated and independent environment that reduces the chance for cyber attackers to access your website data. Also, it also puts barriers for other users utilizing the same server to access or interfere in any of your website functionalities. Moreover, as we have discussed that virtual private server hosting gives you more control, you can easily apply more security layers to your server.

Before you pick China VPS from any hosting provider, you must figure out whether the respective hosting provider serves the right kind of facilities and renders you reliable virtual private server services. To ease up your job, let us introduce you to the renowned and best hosting company – Server Wala in the subsequent section.

Buy Cheap VPS China by Serverwala to handle High Traffic

Server Wala is one of the best-known hosting companies, which renders excellent China optimized VPS for its clients. The company has acquired recognition by acquiring numerous awards for fulfilling its commitment to providing the leading hosting services all over the world. You can buy China VPS plans and packages from the company at the most affordable rates as it renders the cheap VPS China hosting services. All the China VPS cheap plans and packages are flexible and easily scalable. With the VPS China cheap, you will have the following perks from the Server Wala.

●     1 GBPS Network Speed

The Server Wala VPS hosting China comes up with the ultimate band of network and secure connections to let your website have a twenty times faster connectivity experience. You will be ensured to acquire the highest connectivity of 1 GBPS.

●     Monthly 20 TB Data Transfer

Your website will have unlimited bandwidth with the cheap VPS for China. Server Wala provides a maximum of 20 TB monthly data transfer rate with all virtual private server hosting plans and packages.

●     99.99% Network Uptime

With the Server Wala VPS hosting China, your website will be guaranteed to receive redundant power and continuous secure channels for having the high-tech network flexibility involving the highest uptime and zero downtime.


Server Wala renders 24/7 technical assistance for the VPS hosting service in case you face any issue with the server. It has a professional team of certified and trained people available round-the-clock to provide the expert solution in the least possible team. You can connect with the Server Wala company customer support anytime to resolve your queries or gain further information. Moreover, you can also browse the company’s official website to grab knowledge about its VPS in China hosting services and facilities – https://www.serverwala.com/vps-china.

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