Why Digital Documents Are More Safe Than Paper Documents

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In this era of mobile phones, laptops and computers everything is just a click away. Earlier people had to carry loads of documents from one place to another which were at risk of being stolen as well. But now with digital documents there’s no such risk involved. All you need is any electronic device and you are good to go.

Another advantage of digital documents is that multiple people can have access to the same document at one time whereas with paper documents the case is entirely different, only one person at a time can view that document.

Also, paper documents are at a larger risk of getting damaged or destroyed due to unannounced happenings. On the contrary these electronic documents are not easy to destroy, even if you end up losing them by mistake there are backups available.

These digital documents are environment friendly as well. Considering all the changes that are happening in our environment which are negatively hampering our lives it is necessary to adopt techniques that are eco friendly.

Below given are some reasons as to why digital documents are more safe than the paper documents :

Restricted access:

  • With electronic documents, only those people can obtain access to your document to whom you allow because these documents are password protected and can be opened by only upon permission.
  • On the other hand with paper documents, no matter how hard you try to keep them safe, anyone can put their hands on them. Since they are not password protected or do not require any permission to open, it can be accessed by all which further allows it to be misused easily.
  • Hence, digital documents are more safe than paper documents since they cannot be misused by anyone.

Data altering or tampering:

  • Data can be easily tampered with paper documents. Adding a page or subtracting one, moving one entry or changing another are very common in paper documents and one cannot easily make out such changes done.
  • Whereas with digital documents, if anyone tries to make any changes to your document you will be immediately notified. Not only that you will even get notified about the place and the time as to when these changes occurred.
  • Data tampering is not that easy with electronic documents because the owner of the actual document will get to know. This ultimately ensures that digital documents are more safe and secure as compared to offline documents.

Increased chances of loss/theft:

  • Paper documents when getting transferred from one place to another or one person to another are at a higher risk of getting lost or stolen.
  • Whereas when it comes to digital documents they tend to remain where they are and there are very minimal chances of loss or theft in electronic documents. Even if due to some reason your digital document gets misplaced, it can be easily recovered due to backups available.
  • Therefore, electronic documents considering all the factors are much more safe and recommended than paper documents.