Why Buy Srixon Golf Balls?

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Why should you buy Srixon golf balls? Well although they are probably not as well known worldwide as some of the other market leaders in golf ball manufacture, in recent years they have become the preferred choice for a rapidly increasing number of amateurs and professional golfers across the globe.

Many of the top PGA Tour players have now turned to the advanced technology that Srixon golf balls offer, including the likes of former world number 1 Vijay Singh, former U.S. Open Champion Jym Furyk, young rising star Ryo Ishikawa who used the Srixon Z-Star XV to shoot the world record lowest score of 58 to help win the Crowns Tournament in Japan back in 2010, and more recently the 2010 U.S. Open winner Graeme McDowell, plus many more.

The Srixon brand was established in 1997 and is part of the Sumitomo Rubber Industries Limited company (who have been producing Japanese golf equipment since the 1930’s), and with their recent release of the Tour proven Z-Star and Z-Star XV alls which utilize the very latest in cutting edge technology, they are now considered to be one of the leading ball manufacturers around.

It is not just at the premium end of the market that Srixon golf balls excel though, they offer a fully comprehensive selection of high quality balls to match every type of golfers needs and requirements, from beginners who are searching for distance and forgiveness, ladies and senior golfers who need lower compression balls to help match their slower swing speeds, to the more experienced players who are looking for the perfect combination of distance, control and feel throughout their game.

One of their most recent technological enhancements that goes into every Srixon golf ball that is now created, is their patented Energetic Gradient Growth core (E.G.G.) Technology. This highly advanced golf ball technology, follows a specially designed manufacturing process that allows Srixon to vary the stiffness of the core, starting with a soft centre and gradually getting stiffer towards the outer edges.

This provides numerous benefits over the traditional uniform stiffness cores, by producing higher ball speeds and lower driver spin for maximum distance and control off of the tee, without effecting spin rates, control and feel for the approach shots, short game and putting.

In their latest range of Srixon golf balls, they also offer a Tour yellow design, which is intended to help golfers become more relaxed and be able to follow the entire flight of the ball with greater ease!

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