Who’s Leading the Race for New York Mayor?

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The mayoral candidate, current President of Brooklyn, Eric Adams, was well ahead of his rivals in raising money for the election campaign. He now has $ 9.3 million at his disposal. He became the first participant in the race to receive the right to money from the city from the so-called matching funds. Under this program, if a candidate collected $ 250,000 from citizens’ donations, the city adds its share to it in a ratio of 8 to 1.

“I am overwhelmed by the response I have received from every corner of the city,” Adams said. “Working people, ordinary citizens, have supported my campaign more than others, because we stand for what they deserve: a just, safe, prosperous city that puts them above all else.”

There are about three months left before the primary elections. In a recent poll conducted jointly by three organizations – Emerson College, PIX 11 and NewsNation – Andrew Young was the most popular candidate. 32% of respondents expressed their sympathy for him (there were 1128 participants in total). He is closely followed by Eric Adams (19%), Maya Wiley (9%). Scott Stringer was preferred by 6% of respondents. The rest have 5% or less. Most important to Young’s supporters is his perspective on coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. In Adams, the respondents note his attitude to housing problems. Those who are willing to vote for Wiley are attracted by her attitude to police reform.

Since the race began in January, the most famous politician in voters is Andrew Young, who previously ran for the presidency. He gets the most media attention.

“Young is like the good guy you can trust, at a time when the credibility of politicians in elected office has sunk to an extremely low level,” said political scientist Kenneth Sherrill of Hunter College.

Scott Stringer recently lashed out at Young for allegedly hiding out in his country house in an upstate during the pandemic, while the vast majority of New Yorkers were isolated in their small apartments.

For Stringer, the father of two schoolchildren, education was the main focus of the campaign. He recently rolled out his ambitious new plan to include two teachers in every grade of elementary school and accessible preschools for all children ages three and younger.

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Who is in the lead in the race?