WHO worries about the psyche of people due to the coronavirus pandemic

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The head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adanom Ghebreyesus, said about the impact on the psyche of people around the world of the COVID-19 pandemic. At a briefing in Geneva, Gebreyesus pointed to the “profound impact” of restrictive measures on mental health.

Among the negative factors, he named anxiety and fear. He noted that during this difficult time, mental health services were not able to operate at full capacity. According to the WHO, about one billion people in the world live with mental disorders. Three million people die every year from alcohol, and every 40 seconds in this world, someone commits suicide.

Gebreisus pointed out a global problem: most of the world’s inhabitants do not have access to high-quality medical psychological assistance.

Previously, the expert told how to get rid of depression. If a disease occurs, you should consult a medical psychologist who will determine the severity of the manifestation of clinical symptoms. However, a psychologist does not treat depression, he cannot prescribe antidepressants, since he is not a doctor. Depressive disorder is treated by a psychiatrist or psychotherapist. Therefore, if you feel uncomfortable at least 30% of the time, then it is better to immediately contact a psychiatrist (psychotherapist). The world standard in the treatment of anxiety-depressive disorders is cognitive-behavioral therapy, which is aimed at identifying irrational thoughts and their reconstruction.

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