White House advocates for in-person holding of canceled debate

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The White House and President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign are pushing for a face-to-face canceled debate between Trump and his Democratic rival Joseph Biden on Oct.15. This was announced by CNN on Monday, October 12.

White House spokesman Brian Morgenstern said President Trump is ready for debate, and his doctors have allowed him to participate in public events after suffering COVID-19. He also recalled that doctors do not believe that the American leader poses a risk of transmission of the coronavirus.

In this regard, he expressed hope for the return of the Trump-Biden debate commission to the schedule.

On October 9, it became known that the second pre-election debate between Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden, which was scheduled for October 15, has been canceled.

Earlier it was reported that the debate between Trump and Biden will be held in a virtual format. In turn, the US President accused the commission of making unilateral decisions and said that he would not take part in the debate.

It is noted that both candidates agreed to participate in the debates scheduled for October 22.

Earlier it was reported that Donald Trump may return to public events after suffering coronavirus on Saturday, October 10.

The American leader announced on October 2 that he was diagnosed with COVID-19. On the same day, he was hospitalized with mild symptoms at the Walter Reed Military Medical Hospital. The coronavirus was also confirmed in his wife Melania. On October 5, he was discharged from the hospital. It was reported that Trump will continue treatment at home, at his residence.

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