Which Refrigerator Technology Helps to Keep your Food Fresh?

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The basic need for refrigeration arises from the fact that food, be it cooked or raw, can get spoiled because of a number of things. It could be because of physical or chemical reactions, or there could be interventions of microbes like bacteria and fungi. Hence, most fruits and vegetables need to be stored at a particular range of temperature and humidity for them to not get spoiled. Let us take a closer look into the world of refrigeration.

Food preservation in refrigerators

Refrigerators preserve food in multiple ways. It’s a collaborative effort of both their cooling and anti-microbial technology. Let us have a better look at some of the ways refrigerators preserve our food.

  • Uniform cooling technology: This is an important part of keeping your food fresh. Most refrigerators make sure that the entire unit is uniformly cooled so that the food stored in every part of the refrigerator gets uniform cooling. Manufacturers often design cooling vents in such a way that it facilitates optimum air flow to every nook and corner.

  • Humidity controlling technology: Be it cooked food, fruits or vegetables, food needs to be kept in humid atmospheres to let them stay healthy. A lot of fruits actually stay healthy and fresh in refrigerators that provide 60 to 70% humidity levels.
  • Fresh air circulation: It’s also essential that the air that your food is surrounded by is fresh. This is what refrigerators manage to do. 
  • Antibacterial technology: This is a key technology that all refrigerator brands use in order to keep the food from getting spoilt. All of these technologies prevent bacteria from growing, and thus, keep your food safely preserved.
  • Active oxygen technology: Active oxygen technology is acquired by many brands to prevent food spoilage. The use of active oxygen also stops the growth of bacteria and prevents bad odor from occurring inside the fridge.
  • Chilling and Freezing: Freezers are also widely used to preserve certain dairy products, raw meat and fish. This is again because extreme temperatures often stall reactions that might otherwise occur in room temperatures, and consequently, spoil the food. Not to forget, extremely cold temperatures also limit bacteria from growing and forming colonies.

Different brands and their food preservation technology

Refrigerators from different brands come with their own unique food preservation technology.

  • LG: LG has been one of the top brands in the world of refrigerators. They have been consistently improving on their technology, and have come up with the very efficient LINEAR Cooling technology that ensures minimal temperature fluctuations within the refrigerator. This maintains a uniform temperature and keeps the food fresh for as long as 7 days. Every LG refrigerator is also equipped with intelligent filters that keep the air fresh and puts a stop to the growth of bacteria.

  • Samsung: One of the leading names in the world of electronics, Samsung uses cutting-edge technology in its refrigerators to ensure freshness to their customers. Their Twin Cooling Plus technology maintains all the optimum conditions like temperature and humidity that ensures freshness for a longer period of time than what is promised by usual refrigerators. These refrigerators are not prone to changes from voltage fluctuations, thus guaranteeing uninterrupted cooling for your groceries.

  • Whirlpool: Whirlpool refrigerators use the 6TH SENSE IntelliSensor Technology that optimizes the moisture content inside the fridge. This, combined with the advanced Sealfresh technology that helps the food retain its natural moisture, helps the fruits and vegetables stay fresh for longer hours. They have air vents spaced out inside the refrigerators that cool every corner uniformly. The brand’s MicroBlock Technology that stops the growth of more than 99% bacteria is also commendable.

  • Haier: Haier refrigerators use 360-degree cooling to ensure that fresh air reaches every part of the fridge. This helps the food remain fresh. The brand also uses effective AntiBacterial Technology which helps with food preservation.

  • Godrej: Godrej has its classic line-up of Eon Vesta refrigerators that provide all-around cooling by thoroughly circulating the cool air inside the fridge. These refrigerators also use the ultra-modern “Nutrifresh Inverter Compressor” that prolongs the freshness of the food inside.

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