Which member of the Tula government earns the least

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Official data on income, expenses and property of members of the government of the Tula region has been published. Earlier, “MK in Tula” reported on which of the representatives of the regional government earns the most. You can read the information by following the link.

Next, we talk about the lowest incomes. The leader here is the Deputy Prime Minister of the Tula Region Dmitry Markov with an annual income of 2,254,629.68 rubles. In second place is the Regional Minister of Sports Andrei Zhuravlev – 2 737 968, 18 rubles. On the third line is the Minister of Construction of the Tula Region Konstantin Lopukhov with an income of 3,534,728.59 rubles.

More information about the income of other members of the regional government can be found here.

Read also: the governor of the Tula region earned about 7.2 million rubles in 2020.

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