Which gas should you use and how long does the gas cylinder last with a gas grill?

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With most providers, you have the choice between butane and propane gas. Both can, according to various tests, be used for the gas grill. However, propane is much more cold-resistant.

This means: If you also want to grill in autumn or winter from time to time or start your barbecue season early in the year, it is more advisable to buy a propane gas bottle.

How does the installation of the gas cylinder in the gas grill work?

Before installing a new gas bottle in your grill cart or stand-alone gas grill, you should check the gas pipes and connectors for their tightness. If everything is in order, the bottle is installed in the gas grill.


To do this, remove the valve cap and also turn down the black cap underneath. Now you can attach the low-pressure regulator, which usually sits on an orange hose in the grill. Check whether the regulator of the gas grill is firmly connected to the bottle and store it in the recess of the gas grill provided for this purpose.


Larger bottles can be placed next to the grill. If you encounter problems while connecting or if you are a bit unsure from the outset, consult an expert.


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More Questions & Answers

If not all ambiguities on the subject of “gas grill” have been eliminated in the course of this purchase advice, you can also clear them up with the help of the following frequently asked questions – and of course the associated answers.


Where is barbecuing allowed and where not?


In the vicinity of the house and garden, you should first of all read in the house rules whether there are any regulations in this regard. If not, nothing stands in the way of the next barbecue evening. If you do not have a gas or electric grill, you should also be careful not to smoke too much with your neighbors. If barbecuing in the house is prohibited, you may still be able to grill in the garden, as this is not always directly connected to the house.


In public places, other rules apply: You may only grill in places that are expressly designated as a barbecue zone. Anyone who grills in other places contrary to this regulation must expect a fine. Depending on the area and any natural damage that may have occurred, the fine can also be higher and sometimes even triple digits. Therefore, you should only grill in the garden, on the balcony, or in explicit barbecue zones.


Did Stiftung Warentest already have gas grills in the test?

Stiftung Warentest has carried out both a general grill test and a coal and gas grill test. Most recently, six wood-coal grills were tested in 2014, and twelve gas grill carts and portable grills in 2019, of which only a total of five performed well.


However, since this gas grill test does not cover all current products and also focuses primarily on gas grill trolleys, you are welcome to take a look at the current gas grill comparison 2022 and discover the current comparison and price-performance winners.


The gas grill test winner of Stiftung Warentest was the Landmann Rexon 3.0, which scored points in the gas grill test due to safety and an even distribution of heat.


Which grill grate is better: cast iron or stainless steel?

Both cast iron and stainless steel grill grates have many advantages. Stainless steel convinces with its characteristic appearance and very good temperature resistance. In addition, stainless steel grill grates do not get dirty so quickly and can withstand some dishwasher cycles in an emergency. Cast iron grates, on the other hand, are thicker-walled and store the heat produced better. On the other hand, they have major problems with cleaning and are neither rust-free nor enameled.


In summary, stainless steel grates are recommended for those who do not want to spend so much time cleaning, and cast-iron grates for all those who attach greater importance to the grilled quality of the grilled food.


Furthermore, there are enameled and chrome-plated grill grate types, which also have advantages and disadvantages. Below you will find an overview of the properties of the various grill grates.