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Due to the pandemic, purchasing trends in Germany have changed. According to a survey conducted by the Offerista group, in 2020, 61% of Germans want to invest their money not in travel, but in furniture, while 29% of those surveyed are planning to buy a new kitchen.

Moderne Küche eV, according to the managing director Volker Irle, is ready for this. And a Cologne think tank surveyed customers about their kitchen buying experience. Customers always ask themselves questions: “Can I rely on the company? Can my wishes be realized exactly? And what do I get for my money in the end? “

In total, the online Deutschland Test survey looked at 15 kitchen retailers and 13 furniture stores. The survey involved 2,247 buyers who rated a total of 26 service and performance characteristics for these kitchen equipment suppliers. The scores, ranging from 0 to 100, were scored in five categories: assortment, customer service, customer consultation, assembly, and value for money.

The experts formed the average value of the index from the assigned points within the five mentioned categories. All providers with an above average score were rated “good”. The kitchen installers who performed the best in this group received an excellent rating.

The overall result of the ranking of the top 10 out of 18 surveyed suppliers is as follows: Alma Küchen with an “excellent” rating and a final index of 74.8 took first place; Marquardt Küchen (excellent – 73.7) – second place; Segmüller (excellent – 73.7) – third place; followed by: Plana Küchenland, Küche und Co, Küchen Aktuell, Hardeck, Höffner, Schmidt Küchen, Porta Möbel.

Overall, 95% of buyers were satisfied with their supplier; 84% would recommend their kitchen seller to friends and acquaintances.

Experts note that suppliers have improved performance in the assortment category. It is also gratifying that the currently weakest category – value for money – has also improved slightly. However, from the point of view of the consumer, the quality of installation and service is deteriorating.

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