Which bed mattress is more comfortable?

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All geared up to invest in a bed mattress? Hold on; don’t invest blindly, or don’t let your whims take over you. You need to think this through because it is a vital part that will help you get a night of sound sleep. Who doesn’t like to relax on a comfortable bed mattress after a day full of tiring activities? The night is the time when the body relaxes and finds some respite only to repair itself.

So, let it mend itself, let it shine, let it find solace in the soft embrace of the Durfi bed mattress. Check out the Durfi mattress price today and choose the one that fits your requirements the best because they have a massive range of scientifically tested bed mattresses that will make your nights soothing and lazy days even merrier. 

We have decided to help you today and always. Read this article to find out the most comfortable and popular bed mattress in India to fulfill your needs appropriately. 

Memory foam mattress: You can buy a memory foam bed mattress from Durfi. Memory foam is a raging success globally. The Durfi mattress price is within budget plus, the features will leave you awestruck; want to know why? Let’s see: the memory foam surface facilitates a comfortable and calm sleeping experience; the high GSM knitted fabric is anti-bacterial and doesn’t allow germ build-up. The ortho foam understands your body contour and adjusts itself to provide you with the maximum ortho support.

Furthermore, the airflow technology facilitates steady airflow through the perforations, and you can buy this brilliant sleep buddy with the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network card and get whopping deals on the Durfi mattress price. When it comes to enjoying excellent comfort, memory foam is undoubtedly ruling the list. A memory foam bed mattress doesn’t sag or gets too hard on one side. The flexibility of the bed mattress remains as it is for a really long time. 

Spring bed mattress: For people who do not like coir mattresses, a spring bed mattress could be your saviour. Yes, if you love a bouncy mattress, then this is the best pick for you. However, if you are single, great go for this one but, co-sleeping could be a problem on a spring mattress because the motion transfer of one partner could bother the other one.  

Foam mattress: You are looking at one of the most affordable bed mattresses available in India, and the “affordability” factor of this kind has made it one of the favorites of Indian families. A foam mattress is soft and very comfortable because of the cushions and foams that form the main constituents of this bed mattress. People who suffer from backache or hip pain, or lumbar pain can find help using foam mattresses. If you live in hilly areas where the weather is cold, a foam mattress will make your nights so comfortable. The heat that your body imparts gets trapped within the bed mattress, thus keeping it warm and cozy. 

Latex mattress: Latex can be both manmade and natural. The massive range of firmness levels of this bed mattress makes it suitable for people with backache, joint pain, cervical spondylosis, and more. We can categorize latex under two categories: Dunlop latex and Talalay latex. It will last for 8 years or more. The close-grained components make this a good buy if you are looking for a bed mattress that will provide total support to your body and keep it aligned throughout the night. 

Coir mattress: In India, bed mattresses are also made of coconut fibre, making them firm and heavy. Yes, no doubt the mattress is pro-environment but, there are several problems you might face. If we compare the price: yes, it is the cheapest option. But it is not sag-resistant, plus it can become the party house for bed bugs. 

After looking at the above varieties, one thing is as clear as daylight; if you want your bed mattress to last and prioritize comfort, it is best to go for the Durfi memory foam mattress. Check out the Durfi mattress price on their website today and buy the most suitable bed mattress for your family.