Where to Sell Your eCommerce Business And How To Do It?

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While there are several entrepreneurs cropping up each day, a large number of them are also looking to put up their ecommerce businesses for sale. It is not as difficult as it may seem. You can easily find interested buyers for your ecommerce business. If you have a well-charted out plan, you can easily sell your eCommerce business

What to Do Before Selling Your eCommerce Business? 

Prepare Your Website 

When you put your ecommerce business for sale, the first thing potential buyers do is visit your website. Your website should be appealing to them. Only then will they consider buying. 


Keep your website clean and clutter-free. It should be easily navigable and have up-to-date information regarding your business. It is important to have an engaging website but make sure it is simple enough for users. 

Inventory Records Should be Updated 

Stock your inventory with the products you sell. No customer wants to buy from someone who always has most of their products out of stock. Therefore make sure that you update your inventory records as soon as the current stocks get exhausted. 


Standard Operating Procedures are similar to the instruction manual that holds the records of various tasks in your ecommerce business. If you are putting up your ecommerce business for sale, you should have some standard operating procedures. It gives people out of the company some valuable insight into your business. 

Update Customer Data 

Once you have decided to put up your ecommerce business for sale, it is time to update your customer data. A customer list is essential for all businesses. If a buyer gets a list of potential customers, he would love to go on and buy your business. It will help the new team to construct their business strategies and marketing campaigns.

Get Your Financial Records Straight 

When someone is interested in buying your business, one of the first things they would want to look at is the financial record and how your company has performed in the past years. These are the most crucial steps when somebody is buying your ecommerce business for sale.  Getting your tenants straightened out can help you get a buyer. 

Hire a professional to do the job if you already do not have one. Professionals are of great help when you think of putting your ecommerce business for sale. He would also be able to give you unbiased opinions and useful advice. Make sure that your balance sheet, income statement, tax returns records, and profit and loss accounts are all clear. This helps the buyer in understanding the current financial situation of the ecommerce business for sale. 

Update your financial records for potential buyers to see through the state of your business. 

Hire a Valuation Expert  

One of the common mistakes sellers make when they put up their ecommerce business for sale is to come up with an imaginary valuation of their business. This could lead to confusion, and buyers would not take it seriously. Thus, get a valuation expert who will help your business processes run smoothly besides giving you a concrete business worth based on actual numbers and facts. When buyers find a genuine valuation, they seem to get more interested in buying. 

There is a high risk in giving a ballpark estimation when you are putting your ecommerce business for sale . Hence, try working with professionals who will be able to give you a reasonable estimate keeping important factors in mind like site traffic, age of the business, intellectual property, customer base, trademarks and patents, and other assets. 

Keep the Business in Good Shape 

Whenever people think of selling their business, one common error they commit is neglecting the business. This can decrease the value of your business and make you lose clients. When that happens, you are at risk of getting much less than you had expected. Instead, until you have got a potential buyer, do not give up on the business. Keep it running smoothly. Keep the records and processes up to date and make sure you have no backlogs. 

Where to Sell Your ECommerce Business 

Selling an e-commerce business is easier than selling a traditional brick-and-mortar company. You can easily seal a deal through classified websites, forums, etc. Some of the common platforms are: 

Flippa: Flippa has sold over 250,000 businesses in its lifetime and continues to be one of the best forums for the purpose. However, you will be charged a commission on the sale price. 

QuietLight: Here, besides selling your company, you also get a free valuation from a professional analyst. 

Digital Exits: Another forum that allows you to meet potential buyers and sell your ecommerce business is Digital Exits. It is highly revered among ecommerce businessmen and churns out a magnanimous profit each year. 

Selling your e-commerce business is thus no rocket science. With some systematic procedures, you will be able to meet a lot of potential buyers and choose one that suits your business the best.