Where in Tula will turn off the light on March 11

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Today, March 11, there will again be no light in Tula at some addresses. Outages are associated with scheduled repair work at power grid facilities. So, the specialists will deal with the hauling of wires and inputs, the elimination of early detected defects in electrical equipment. In addition, outages are related to the pruning of trees located near power lines.

At some addresses, the supply of light will be suspended at 9 am, and at others at 1 pm. Electricity will also be restored at different times – at 12.00 and at 4 pm, so that some residents of Tula, while at work, will not experience difficulties in the absence of electricity at home.

We publish the schedule of power outages in Tula on March 11:

The schedule for the blackout in Tula on March 11.