Where Do Day Traders Get Their News?

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There are many news sources available for day traders. While some traders prefer to get their economical news daily from television or newspaper, others may find that the internet is a more efficient way to get the information they need.

Regardless of where traders get their news, they must have a trusted source of information that they can rely on for accurate and up-to-date information. Here are some of the most common sources of news for day traders.

Market Analysts

Many analysts work for banks and brokerages to provide reports regarding the markets. These analysts often have years of experience in the financial industry and can provide valuable insights into where the market is heading. Many also appear on financial news programs to share their views on the markets.

Companies Themselves

Another great source of news for day traders is the companies themselves. Companies will often release news that can impact the price of their stock. This can include everything from earnings reports to new product announcements.

In addition, conference call transcripts can provide insight into a company’s plans and strategies. Traders need to be aware of any news that could potentially move the stock price so they can make informed trading decisions.


One of the most popular sources of news for day traders is television. CNBC is a go-to channel for many day traders, as it offers a variety of programs that focus on business and finance news. This network provides live coverage of the stock market during trading hours and programs that offer analysis and opinions on current market trends.

Another channel that day traders often rely on for economic news is Bloomberg TV. This channel offers live coverage of global financial markets and in-depth interviews with business leaders and experts.

Social Media Platforms 

Many companies use social media to give the latest news and analysis. Some of the most popular platforms for business news include LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

In addition to following companies and industry leaders on social media, traders can also find breaking news stories through these platforms. 

For example, many financial news outlets have Twitter feeds that update the latest market news. Stock market analysis is readily available on social media. So keep an eye on those for faster news.

Trading Websites

Several websites offer economic news and analysis specifically for day traders. These sites often have real-time quotes and charts, as well as articles and videos on the latest market trends. 

There are many platforms to search for, such as The Economist, CNBC, Quint Smart Buzz, etc. is a free-to-use website where you can get the latest stock market analysis. Another way to get investment news is from an investment research company like Kailash Concepts. They focus their work on historical data. They also offer investment strategies like momentum, value, growth, and quantamental investing.


Several print publications focus on business and finance news. These include The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, and Investor’s Business Daily. While these publications may not be updated as frequently as other news sources, they can still provide valuable insights into where the market is headed.

Trading Apps

There are a lot of apps for trading businesses. Apps provide subscription services, some of which are free, and some require a monthly fee. But, they all offer news in real-time, and some also provide analysis and charts.

Robinhood is one of the apps where you can get stock market information freely.


Podcasts are another great source of information for day traders. These episodes can be downloaded and listened to, making them convenient for busy traders on the go.

And like other news sources, podcasts often feature interviews with experts and analyses of current market trends. Popular finance podcasts include Daily Digest, Motley Fool Money, Bloomberg Surveillance, etc.


Some day trading firms offer their own market commentary and analysis through a newsletter. Subscribing these newsletters can be a great source of information for traders, as they often provide insights specific to the firm’s clients.

Final Thoughts

There are many sources of news and information for day traders. While some rely on television networks like CNBC, others prefer to get their news from websites or apps.

And still, others find podcasts to be a convenient way to stay up-to-date on the latest market trends. No matter your preference, stay informed so you can make the best decisions when trading.