When to take CBD? When is the best time to use it?

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Once you’ve figured out which product is best for your CBD needs, it’s important to figure out when and how often you plan to use it. Indeed, this is often the question you ask us when to take CBD? We take stock in this article to help you make better use of your daily Cannabidiol.

The intake of CBD depends on the method of administration

This is because the best time of day to use your daily dose of CBD depends entirely on the mode of administration you have set. From CBD oils to capsules to e-liquids, there are now many ways to use Cannabidiol.

Depending on the medium used and the mode of administration chosen, CBD will be consumed differently by the body. As you can read in this article dedicated to the different ways to use Cannabidiol, using a sublingual oil, swallowing capsules, or vaping e-liquids directly influence the assimilation and the duration of effect of CBD. Thus, each mode of administration is absorbed differently by the body, some faster than others while some have a slower but longer effect. When to take CBD?

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Vaping or inhaling CBD: when?

Inhaling or vaping with the help of e-liquid of CBD allows obtaining very fast effects on the body, passing through the alveoli of the lungs and therefore arriving more quickly in the body via the blood. However, this effect is rather quick and succinct.

Thus, it is therefore preferable to use an inhaled or vaped CBD oil extract during the crisis or during the onset of pain, in order to be able to act effectively and quickly. To benefit from the effects of CBD over the longer term, it is better to switch to CBD oils or capsules.

CBD capsules, pastilles, and CBD candies: when to use them?

Available for a long time in a food form, such as CBD capsules or organic CBD hemp oil available in our store, CBD can thus be transported everywhere and used precisely by containing the number of milligrams of Cannabidiol determined according to needs.

Therefore, passing through the digestion system, the maximum effects of CBD may not be felt until 1 to 6 hours after consumption. It is therefore the instructions for use that facilitate and disseminate the benefits of CBD the most in the body, but which cannot be used for immediate and rapid relief.

A study, which we describe in this article on the level of CBD and diet, showed that the consumption of foods high in fat allowed a better bioavailability of the latter. So prefer to use your CBD capsules or lozenges during your meals, at set times, and with regular food.

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