9 Important Tips on How to Choose Curtains

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Curtains are the most widely used window treatments and are preferred by almost everyone. They help us get privacy from outsiders, allow/block the light coming from outside, block the UV rays, and maintain the room temperature. So, you must get those curtains that will fulfill these requirements.

Choosing the right curtains has a huge impact not only on your privacy and light-control functionality but also on the overall look and feel of any space. A vast variety of curtains are available on the market today, from which you can choose as per your needs.

There are many things necessary to consider while selecting the curtains, like their color, length, width, design, and quality. By just hanging the right curtains, you can transform your normal interior decor into the most stylish and modern one.

If you didn’t select the right size and design of curtains, it would kill the purpose of getting them. To help you choose the perfect curtains, we have put together this guide for you in which we will give you the 9 best tips for selecting curtains.

Different Aspects Necessary While Choosing Curtains

To achieve the best results, you must keep several factors in mind when choosing curtains. We merge these factors into the 9 tips that will help you a lot in this process.

1. Analyze Your Interior

The first thing to analyze is your room because if your curtains don’t match the interior, they would give an ugly look and kill the overall charm of your space. Take a look at everything, like design furniture, walls, window design, etc.

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Then decide which style, color, size, and design will suit the most and enhance the charm of the interior decor. Always try to get those curtains that complement the other things you have placed in your room.

2. Choose The Right Fabric

The fabric used in the manufacturing of curtains has a tremendous impact on the overall look and functionality of the curtains. Different fabrics are used for making curtains, like linen, voile, velvet, wool, polyester, chiffon, etc. You must select the one that will fulfill your requirements. For example, the privacy you need and the control over light coming from outside.

You also have to think about the style you want to adopt, whether it is traditional, modern, aesthetic, bright, etc. For example, velvet curtains are used to give a luxurious look, while sheers would be the symbol of getting a minimalistic, decent, and sleek appearance. Always choose a fabric that gives a unique look and the best functionality.

3. Select The Perfect Color

Choosing the right color for curtains is necessary because it will make or break the overall appearance of any interior. Always select those colors that create a significant contrast against the furniture and walls of that space.

You must analyze the overall look of your room and then decide on the suitable color for curtains. For example, if your room’s walls are pink, just go with the white sheer curtains and get navy blue curtains for the grey walls.

4. Get The Perfect Size

The size of the curtains is critical because if they do not completely cover the window, it will be a complete waste of time and money. You must take proper measurements of your window and then get the same size curtains from the market.

You should get the perfect-sized curtains in order to achieve the functionality and unique appearance of your interior. You should take the following measurements to get the exact size of your curtains.

  • Height of your window frame
  • Width of your frame
  • Height for curtain rod
  • Width for curtain rod
  • Height of curtains
  • Width of curtains

5. Consider About Privacy & Light Control

The main purpose of installing the curtains is to get privacy and block the light from coming into the room. But some people consider the only appearance and don’t want too much control over light and privacy. So, choose the curtains as per your needs.

For example, sheer curtains don’t give you complete privacy, nor are they able to block external light. So, if you only want to get an aesthetic and modern look, then you must choose sheer curtains. On the other hand, if you want maximum privacy and to block the light, you must go with blackout curtains.

6. Choose Between Solid & Patterned Curtains

Both the solid and patterned curtains give a unique and amazing look. But you have to choose one that perfectly blends with your room’s interior and enhances its charm and beauty. There is a wide variety of solid and patterned curtains available on the market that you can get and match with your room’s walls and furniture.

7. Decide Between Ready-Made & Customized Curtains

If the standard curtains don’t meet your expectations, then you can also get customized curtains. There are a lot of benefits to getting customized curtains.

For example, you will get exactly what you want, and they are also manufactured as the perfect size for your window. The ready-made curtains also come in a wide range of colors, patterns, designs, and sizes. So, you can also get ready-made curtains if they can fulfill your needs.

8. Must Know About The Maintenance

Maintaining the curtains is also an important factor because every fabric requires a different cleaning method. Curtains and drapes need proper cleaning because they can catch dust and debris faster. To prevent yourself from getting any health problems, you must clean your curtains frequently.

Different fabrics require different maintenance; you must get one that is easy to maintain and clean. For example, linen curtains are easy to wash, and you can put them in a machine, while wool curtains are hard to wash.

9. Difference Between Drapes & Curtains

Some people don’t know that the curtains and drapes differ from each other, so they make mistakes while purchasing the curtains. Curtains are manufactured of lightweight fabric, while drapes are manufactured of much thicker fabric and are mostly designed to get more privacy and control over light.

So, you must analyze the place where you are going to give window treatment and then decide if you need curtains or drapes. Both curtains and drapes give a unique and aesthetic appearance to your interior.


These are the 9 tips that you should follow to get the perfect curtains for your window. We hope these tips will be beneficial for you and that you will easily choose the right curtains that give you the best functionality and appearance. If you have any amazing tricks like these, then post a comment and tell us. Stay connected with us to get more amazing tips like this.